SmofCon South 3-4 December 2016

SmofCon South









Announcing SmofCon South!

Come one, come all! We will be running SmofCon South in Wellington. New Zealand from December 3rd to 4th, 2016. This is run at this time to try to hook into the resources and people of SmofCon 34, taking place the same weekend in Chicago, USA.
A Smofcon is a convention about running conventions. It's an excellent opportunity to meet other con runners, and to learn from them.
SmofCon South will be primarily focused on running Worldcons or other large events. This event will be very valuable for people who have volunteered to help run a potential New Zealand Worldcon. We want to encourage you to come along and meet other people you may be working with, and gain insights and knowledge about how Worldcons work.


Smofcon South will be held 3-4 December (with a meetup dinner for those who arrive on Friday).

Venue is the same as Aucontraire 3, the CQ Hotel complex, 223 Cuba St, Te Aro,  Wellington.

We are skyping in with Smofcon 34, being held in Chicago, for a few sessions. Breaking News: Also a hook up with Japan.

We have drafted a timetable so you can get an idea of what sort of things we will be discussing.

This schedule is by necessity a draft. We expect that due to Smofcon 34 in Chicago the timing of events will be shuffled and of course if YOU have a burning desire to deliver a programme item, or if you think we've missed an obvious one, we welcome your comments and input.


The conference facilities are at the CQ Hotel complex, 223 Cuba St, Te Aro,  Wellington.


Due to large demand (mainly due to a Karl Urban concert) that weekend, most rooms in the conference venue have gone. We are directing people to and Wellington is compact enough that we hope that it will not be too inconvenient for those who cannot stay at the conference hotel. 

We're titling this "Urbangate". :-/


We are charging $65 for this convention. This is based on our estimate of the number of people coming, and the cost of facilities. If we get enough people, we will refund money.


  • Please fill in the SmofCon Registration Form
  • You will be told the bank account to send payment to.
    • If you are not in New Zealand, please contact us at for payment options. Or we are glad to accept cash at the convention.


Please contact us at

You can also join the SmofCon South Facebook event page.

Programme Schedule


18.30    Unofficial Dinner @ nearby restaurant for those who arrive Friday

21:00 – 22:00    Open space programme discussion @ back of CQ Bar.                      

Saturday and Sunday

Sessions start at 9.00 with time for lunch and dinner.

Saturday evening will be an Open space programme discussion or social time. 

Sunday will finish around 6PM to let people get home or on flights. 

The skype sessions will be interspersed or will run alongside the NZ programme sessions. It will depend on the timezone as to what sessions are available to us from Smofcon 34.


Please note that if you can contribute to any of these topics, we would be be delighted to hear from you. There is a space to note that on the Registration Form           

  • How is a Worldcon different from a NatCon? (What IS WSFS?)
  • What is "expected practice" and how do we put our own (nz) spin on it?
  • Badge, Hugo, T-shirt Design (Ideas please)
  • Bidding – the road so far. (Fannish Inquisition, Table manning, Parties. Smooging.)
  • IT/AV – what is needed? (And what is available, programmes on phones?)
  • The Game. -“If I ran the Zoo.” (A team game for conrunners.)
  • What does a Department Head actually DO? (Hint: you could get to pick your own team, what do you want to head up?)
  • Health and Safety. (What are RAMS and do we have to have them?)
  • Social networking for cons (Getting the signal out)
  • The legal stuff
  • Brand protection
  • Motivation of staff, staying positive. What demotivates YOU?
  • Budget
  • When fans go bad (at your convention)(and other disasters)
  • Getting the right programme balance
  • Forward planning
  • Feedback