10 TV Shows That Should Be Turned Into Video Games, According To Reddit

So many video games have been adapted into movies, but recently they’ve had more success being adapted into TV shows (like Halo became a huge hit with fans of the game). However, the reverse rarely happens, as few TV shows are ever adapted for video games, even though they have so much potential and there would be a huge market for them.

Redditors have drawn attention to a ton of TV shows they think are perfect video game material. From a spy comedy to a reality series, these shows would make great sandbox, platformer, and open-world MMOs.


Archer holds his head in a plane in Archer

Crashusmaximus would love nothing more than to see a Archer video game, but, surprisingly, not for comedy. The Redditor postulates, “A mission-based stealth shooter with a desktop social RPG-style interface,” which sounds like a unique take on an outdated game genre. The game adaptation could combine stealth and action (a la Burst cell), but it would also have a unique cellular shading art style, and it would also be full of humor.


Just like the two incredibly beloved, successful and hilarious South Park games, the animation style would hardly need to be changed for a Archer video game. And again, like the South Park release, a Archer video game could be like an entire season in itself.


Adam West, Lesley Gore and Julie Newmar in 1960s Batman

Batman has already had so many video game adaptations, and the Arkham includes some of the best superhero games of all time. But where those games are dark and gritty, Sterculius wants one that’s much lighter and funnier. The Redditor claims, “They need to make a game based on the old Adam West Batman Pin up.”

The game is said to have some of the most ridiculous gimmicks found in a Batman version, like the shark repellent Bat-spray and flashing shots of onomatopoeic words, like “pow”, would make for one of the most unique games. Above all, nothing sounds better than cruising around sunny Gotham in the convertible Batmobile.


cop tv series

IOnlyLikeColdDrinks is thinking of a video game adaptation of Cops could be the next sandbox hit game. The Redditor wants, “Just an open-world game where you stop […] drunk people.” It almost sounds like the opposite of the Grand Theft Auto series, including GTA V, where players control Trevor, who often wakes up in the middle of nowhere after passing out.

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Cops could be an exciting reverse GTA and it could have an interesting fixed camera, but in a shaky camera style just like how the TV show is shot (which would be reminiscent of the underrated Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days).

adventure time

Finn and Jake in Adventure Time

Space_montaine wants to see adventure time get the video game treatment. The Redditor posits, “This could be an adventure-platformer style game, where you fight bad guys with your sword and solve puzzles using Jake’s shape-shifting power.” just like Archerthe developers wouldn’t need to wear themselves out designing characters, as the animation and character design from the animated series would translate perfectly into the video game.

Between the surrealism and the creativity of the series, a video game adaptation would be like a mix between Katamari Damace and little big planet. And since there hasn’t been a truly original and inspiring platformer in years, adventure time could be the perfect property to bring an inventive rig back into the fold.


Abed, Annie and Jeff dressed as Western characters wielding guns

A deleted user thinks the surreal sitcom, “Community could become a decent game.” While bully 2 remains in development hell, it finally seems that it will unfortunately never see the light of day. However, a Community The video game could very well be the spiritual successor to the classic developed by Rockstar in 2006.

A video game adaptation of the series could follow Jeff walking around campus and begrudgingly helping other students with their outrageous and often surreal problems. And since the show is so steeped in pop culture references, the in-game dialogue and levels would surely be no different.

Parks and recreation

Leslie sitting at her desk in her office smiling on Parks and Rec

just like Community, Parks and Recreation is another surreal work-based sitcom that has viewers checking their disbelief at the door. But that also means it would make a ridiculously fun video game. Dunno260 is the first to recommend comedy get the video game adaptation treatment.

The Redditor posits, “I think a fun little sandbox game could come from Parks and Recreationa little like roller coaster designer meets City Sim. “A simulation game where players have to oversee the tasks of Leslie Knope and co. and try to make everyone happy sounds hugely fun, but it’s hard to see where the characters would come in. If anything, this would be added to the pile of dozens of random simulation video games.

Mad Men

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men sitting at his desk in a suit and tie gesturing as if to say well?

First, Mad Men Doesn’t sound like it would make for an exciting video game, as it has a neat ’60s aesthetic and it’s a drama that mostly sees people talking about advertising in theaters. However, Ancyon thinks the long-running drama would make for a great game.

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The Redditor explains, “The player character gains XP, which can be invested in new skills […] as well as money, which can be used to upgrade the gray three-piece suit into an upgraded three-piece suit.” There might be a mode where players have to create successful ad campaigns for strange products, and With all the dashing pinstripes suits and fedoras, the game would have one of the best character customizations ever.

Hawaii five-0

Whimsies wants to see Hawaii five-0 get a video game adaptation, with the ability to move freely at the player’s leisure. which would probably result in a game similar to Cops. The Redditor explains, “I think this would make a pretty awesome free roam type video game with missions like GTA.”

But where the remastered version of Alan Wake removed its product placement, a Hawaii five-o game will likely do the opposite, as the TV series has a reputation for over-the-top product placement. If this was an open-world game, the developer and the network would work together to make sure there’s product placement in every frame of the game, whether it’s a panel billboard advertising a phone brand or streets full of fast food drive-thru.

Storage Wars

Of all the creative TV shows, the last series anyone would think of adapting into a video game is Storage Wars, with the exception of Ikbentim, who thinks it’s perfect video game material. Although it sounds like half a joke, there’s actually some weight to the Redditor’s elevator pitch.

The user explains, “You walk around MMO-style auctions shouting ‘YUUUUPPP’, then use your in-game currency to buy sleeveless shirts and run your own thrift store.” It could actually be an entertaining climb. style game, where players start at the bottom by bidding on low cost units and progress to riskier and more expensive units. Storage Wars would make for an interesting strategy-based release, but it might as well be another weird game show.


Three people with guns on Firefly

Firefly was canceled after just one season, and although it got the follow-up movie, Serenity, fans always felt uneasy and always wanted more from the series. Adaminc thinks a video game could be the way to do it. The Redditor notes that the game adaptation is set to be an MMORPG, and that, “You can buy ships or not, hire a crew, become a trader, mercenary, assassin, bounty hunter, businessman, join the army , just start a business on one of the planets.”

While that’s ambitious and something the biggest, most immersive games have never achieved, it sounds incredible. A Firefly the game could be a great space sci-fi game like the Mass Effect series and give players the freedom to explore the entire universe, just like No Man’s Sky.

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