41 homes get green light at ‘horrendous’ Stacksteads quarry site

A developer’s bid to build dozens of new homes on a former quarry and scrapyard site has been approved.

The Heaton Group have applied to Rossendale Council for planning permission to demolish an existing two storey detached house and erect 41 new bungalows, townhouses and houses on land south of Blackwood Road, Stacksteads, Rossendale, Lancashire.

Committee member and local councilor Jackie Oakes told the January 18 planning meeting that the houses were “exactly what we need in Stacksteads”, although she shared her concerns about access and congestion.

There were no objections from statutory consultees, although some asked for conditions and/or contributions.

In its response, the Lancashire County Council (LCC) Motorways Department requested that no part of the development be occupied until all road works have been completed to a scheme approved by the local planning authority. in consultation with the road authority.

LCC said this was “so that traffic generated by the development does not exacerbate unsatisfactory road conditions prior to the completion of the project/road works”.

There had been seven public objections on grounds such as inadequate housing, damage to the environment and wildlife, unaffordable price, damage to road safety, unsustainability, soil contamination, risk of flooding and damage to visual and neighboring amenities.

A letter of support stated that it was a good use of unused land, that it would create local jobs and that the building materials were appropriate.

The meeting was told that 30% of the development (equivalent to 12 units) would be affordable housing as per the planning policy. A contribution of £5,500 would go to Stacksteads Countryside Park to meet habitat and biodiversity requirements.

Planning officer Jane Martin said the project emphasizes green space and the site includes an abandoned house and previously developed land. She added that they had agreed various amendments with the officers, including a change of materials to natural stone and the slate roof.

Asked if the developer would be willing to meet with the residents’ association if there were any construction issues, Ms Martin said: ‘As a local business they like to work with local people so yes it does would be no problem.”

Councilor Jimmy Eaton requested the addition of a condition preventing deliveries on the narrow road during the morning school run.

He added: “It is something that is necessary. It’s been a horror there for many years. I think it would add value to the surrounding properties.

Earl Oakes said: ‘These houses are exactly what we need in Stacksteads. I am really happy. They are family homes with parking spaces, which is really hard to find in Stacksteads.

“My concern – and the concern of residents – is the issue of freeways and access, particularly on Blackwood Rd. But again I see LCC freeways have made no comment there.

“I live at the bottom of Blackwood Road; it’s congested at the best of times. But I think it’s a really good project and I will definitely talk to the residents about biodiversity. [funding].”

The development, consisting of 18 bungalows, four townhouses, 14 semi-detached houses and five detached houses, was unanimously approved.

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