8 new shows to check out on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ in June

Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic SpaceThe Umbrella Academyand more – here’s what’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ for June 2022.

A new month calls for new characters and scenarios to fall in love with. It’s time to plan your weekends accordingly as June is filled with various genres ranging from romantic comedy to thriller and sci-fi. If you are a Money theft fan, wait to tune in to the Korean adaptation of the crime drama as the Masked Violators return.

For those in the mood for sci-fi, be sure to keep an eye out for Miles Teller and Chris Hemsworth in spider head. Dakota Johnson fans, you wouldn’t want to miss her in Apple TV+’s latest comedy-drama Cha Cha real smooth. Not to mention our favorite superhero family, The Umbrella Academy, which is making a return to Netflix as one of the most anticipated shows in June with more action-packed scenes and mystery.

New shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ in June 2022


Hustle (June 8)

With Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah, Hustle is an American sports drama about a failed basketball scout who dreams of leading one of his players to the NBA. When he meets Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomez) in Spain, he takes it upon himself to bring Cruz to America to prove they have what it takes to turn their dream into reality.

spider head (1June 7)

Directed by Joseph Kosinski (Oversight and Top Gun: Maverick), the sci-fi thriller spider head features big names such as Miles Teller and Chris Hemsworth. When a prisoner, Jeff (Miles Teller), arrives at a state-of-the-art penitentiary designed by pharmaceutical genius Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), Jeff begins to question the purpose of the mind-altering drugs Abnesti created in exchange for commuted sentences. When Jeff forms a romantic relationship with Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett), the pair begin to rebel against the inventor and his attempts to program them.

Money Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space (June 24)

We may have said goodbye to La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), but fans can experience the thrill again thanks to the Korean adaptation of the Spanish crime drama. The storyline reflects a similar theme to the Spanish original but with a twist. In an attempt to unify North Korea and South Korea to boost the economy, the rich continue to be more prosperous, leaving the poor to suffer. Led by the Professor, a group of lawbreakers seizes the currency of a unified Korea to restore fairness and justice in light of the rich-poor divide in Korean society.

First murder (June 10)

First murder follows socially awkward high school teenager Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook), as she navigates life and high school. However, Juliette has a secret: she is a vampire. When new student Calliope (Imani Lewis) comes to town, Juliette becomes attached to her and falls in love with Calliope. To complicate matters, Calliope was born into a family of monster hunters, and her parents think it’s time to kill her first: a vampire.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 3 (June 22)

Based on the graphic novel series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, The Umbrella Academy follows a family of superheroes, adopted by the billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. In the second season, the siblings travel through time and space to save the world (again) from another apocalypse. As they return to their original timeline, the siblings have accidentally entered a different reality where a new group of superheroes are in charge: The Sparrow Academy.

Interceptor (June 3)

If you have adventure in mind, this film will not disappoint. Interceptor centers on the life of an army captain who unexpectedly must use his training and expertise to save his country from a remote missile, which also happens to be a terrorist attack at the command center. Starring Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey, this action-packed film will keep you hooked.

Amazon Prime Video

The boysSeason 3 (June 3)

According to the eponymous comic, The boys look behind a world with superheroes. The third season consists of eight episodes, with the first three releasing on June 3. Post this, every week will have a new episode. In store, renewed danger, shocking choices, and a host of grotesque happenings that underline the spectacle. Also expect a lot of blood and bone with this one.


Cha Cha real smooth (June 17)

Starring Dakota Johnson and Cooper Raiff, the film follows Andrew, a 22-year-old college graduate who returns with his family with no clear path. Not knowing what he wants in life, he lands the perfect job that requires no basic skills: a motivational dancer at bars and bat mitzvahs. Later, he befriends a local mother, Domino (Dakota Johnson) and her daughter Lola and discovers her desire to find the perfect soul mate.

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