And now it’s time for one of my least favorite times of the year

Take advantage of this week. This time between Christmas and New Years is one of those weeks when many of us can slow down a bit and catch our breath. Christmas is behind us. New Years Eve is always in front of us. So is the promise of a better year. Or at least a fun Friday night party. Still, one of my two least favorite stretches of the year is almost here.

And that would be the stretch of the year from January 2 to Memorial Day. My second least favorite time of year is Labor Day through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Why? For many of us, these are the longest times of the year without a vacation.

Of course, if you’re a first responder or work in the service industry and just spent Christmas working, you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking, “I just worked the day before. Christmas and Christmas, Rob, shut up and enjoy the holidays. “And I get it.

It’s not that these stretches are that bad either. It’s a little intimidating to wake up on January 2 and realize that the next time we go on vacation, it will be Memorial Day. And I have the same feeling every fall after Labor Day, although the time from Labor Day to Thanksgiving seems less daunting than the long winter that lies ahead until the three summer vacation.

This is not true for everyone. Schoolchildren and public sector employees tend to leave work or school for federal holidays like President’s Day in February and Columbus Day in October. Some old school legacy companies are also giving people these days off. Still, I haven’t left on Columbus Day or President’s Day since I was in school.

School kids, I think we can all agree, have the best. They always seem to have an early leave or workshop for teachers that they can expect on a day off. And spring break too. Of course, children’s lives these days are filled with sports, organized activities, and clubs, so I’m not sure they ever really have a day off.

The good news is these times of the year aren’t as intimidating as they seem when I wake up on January 2 or the Tuesday after Labor Day. As Ferris Bueller says: “Life goes pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every now and then, you might miss it.

With each passing year, life seems to go faster and faster. And while life will seem to go on at a miserably slow pace at some point in late January or February, when a pattern of snow and freezing cold seems to set in over west-central Missouri on Memorial Day and the second. half the year will sneak by and surprise us before the Royals fall out of favor in the Central American League.

So I’m going to bite my lip, suck it, and try to get through the next few months. Maybe I’ll even try to plan a few days off that I can look forward to. My own personal Rob vacation. This idea doesn’t sound so bad.

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