Armoni Brooks tries to ‘adapt to the system as fast as possible’ during 10-day deal

The Raptors’ most recent 10-day addition explained how to adjust to short-term league contracts while staying focused on the field. Follow our Raptors coverage throughout the season on Yahoo Sports Canada.

Video transcript

Hello, thank you very much Phil. Thanks, Eric. Go ahead with questions.

Hey, Armoni, thanks for taking the time tonight. Obviously, I mean, the Raptors brought you in for a few things. But they really need the shooting. What was it like doing all the right things and not seeing the punches fall? And conversely, how has it been these last two nights when they have dropped a little?

ARMONI BROOKS: You know, it’s just trusting your work. You know, your shot won’t fall every night. Even the best shooters have dips. That’s part of the game. And you might look good and they won’t fall off, but you just have to trust your work, that you put in the work. And then eventually the results will turn in your favor. And the last two nights, they fell in love with me.

As someone coming into this team, I mean, you’re in some pretty untraditional formations. What’s it like– what’s it like to be the only traditional guard playing with four other guys who are 6’8″ all that?

ARMONI BROOKS: Yeah, it’s crazy because you can be so much more aggressive on defense, because you know if they go in the paint, it’s like four 6’8″ guys there. So that gives you a comfort level in defense and offense. If you miss a shot, chances are we’ll get an offensive rebound. And I just think that plays to our strengths. And even our 6’8″ guys are good playmakers, and they make the right passes and the right reads. And I think that’s just a big advantage that we have.

Appreciate it, thank you.


Thank you. Go ahead, Doug.

Hey, Armoni, thanks for stopping by. How does it feel to be two of those 10-day contracts? Is it stressful? Is it difficult? How do you manage your life, I suppose, without knowing what awaits you?

ARMONI BROOKS: Yeah, you just have to take it day by day. This is my first time on 10 days, so I didn’t really know what to expect, what to expect. But you just try to take it day by day, learn as much as you can, try to adapt to the system as fast as you can. And whenever you get the chance to step into the game, just find a way to leave your mark in whatever way, attack, defense, do little things. So you’re just trying to make an impact and bond with the team as quickly as possible.

Are you trying to make that mark in shootouts, training, and walkthroughs as well? And how critical is that to getting your game across to the coaches?

ARMONI BROOKS: Yeah, that’s great, because that’s where you learn the games, and you learn the training regimens, and that’s really – that’s where you interact with your coaches the most. And you know that just gives them a level of confidence that what you do when you go through a shoot, you come in to take some extra shots, you train hard, watch an extra movie, just let them know you’re bought and you commit to it.

Great thanks a lot. Good luck with the rest, man.


Thanks very much. Go ahead, Michael Grange.

Hey, Armoni, how do you convince yourself to step in and take pictures? You know… you did it against Philadelphia in some pretty big situations. You did it tonight and a few pretty key situations. When you’re new to the team and your situation isn’t exactly – it’s not like you have a guaranteed deal – how do you just free your mind to recognize a good shot, and take it, and not don’t worry whether it fits or not?

ARMONI BROOKS: Yeah, I try not to worry about hits or misses because, again, as you know, you’re not going to hit every shot. But the technical staff tells me to shoot. My teammates tell me to shoot when I’m open. So it just gives you confidence that when you see a photo you feel like it’s good to let it fly. And they didn’t tell me about a failure and I don’t expect them to. And we just established that mutual trust to go out there and be successful.

Appreciate it. And it must have been – I guess I felt pretty good against Philly when you did that one, you did a really good one tonight, just a really quick catch, quick shot, quick shot. Does – on the other hand, it has to make you feel pretty good pretty quickly.

ARMONI BROOKS: Yeah, you know, the wide open ones where you really have time to congregate are actually the hardest, because you can sit there and be like, oh, I really need to make this shot. But the ones you just popped off a screen and only need a split second to take off, those are the things you practice every day. So these are just routines.

Appreciate it. Good night.

ARMONI BROOKS: Thank you. You too.

Thank you, Michael. And my last question for you comes from Takeshi in Japan.

Hello Armani.

ARMONI BROOKS: Hi how are you?

Takeshi, my bad, I accidentally muted you. Sorry. I was trying to mute Michael Grange and instead I mute you. Sorry.

So, hi Armoni, thanks for your time. And my question is, I think it’s very difficult for you to adapt defensively, especially for the Raptors, so what helps you have an immediate impact when you come here?

ARMONI BROOKS: Yeah, just watch an extra movie. We don’t play a traditional defense, I guess you would say. Lots of scrambling and lots of racing everywhere. But you know, that’s how they like to do it. So I really have to absorb myself into an extra movie, ask questions, and try to figure out where I should be in order to make sure I’m executing the game plan the right way.

Are you really able to find the time to do this kind of extra work on the video?

ARMONI BROOKS: Yes of course. On the plane I try to watch an extra movie or ask questions just so I can get the hang of it as fast as I can, talk to the team vets just so they can teach me the right way. And each time I put myself in the situation, I can try to find the right way to do it in order to limit my mistakes as much as possible.

OK, thanks lot.

Thank you, Takeshi. Thanks very much. Those were all the questions we had for you tonight.

ARMONI BROOKS: Very well. Thank you.