Best TV Shows Currently Airing, Ranked

There have never been so many places where audiences can consume content and discover great stories, and the exceptional growth in television prove. The development of streaming services and niche channels has allowed television to take more risks than ever before and embrace genres of storytelling it seemed impossible before.

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The line between film and television is becoming increasingly blurred and audiences have come to accept the media’s dominance and control over pop culture. TV has never looked so good and more fearless, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by waves of content, making it crucial to understand which current shows are mandatory.

ten The other two are pushing a brilliant satire with a lot of heart behind it

The two others is one of the entertainment industry’s brightest satires currently playing on television. Created by the former Saturday Night Live Writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, the comedy examines the changing dynamics in the Dubcek family after younger brother finds success overnight as the next Justin Beiber. The two others was barely noticed when its first season aired on Comedy Central, but its stint on HBO Max has given comedy the attention it deserves with at least one more season on the way.

9 Ted Lasso is the perfect antidote for bad vibes

Ted barbe roy

Petty, cynical comedies have reigned supreme on television for so long that it is truly heartening that an upbeat program like Ted lasso was able to connect with such a large audience. Apple TV + comedy tells a tale of fish out of water as titular football coach Jason Sudeikis is transferred to England in hopes of failing. Lasso’s contagious attitude works its magic on every character and it’s just hugely satisfying whenever these individuals open up to each other. Even those who have no interest in football or sports will like Ted lasso.

8 The Boys shines a light on the horrors of a superhero world

The seven pose for publicity among boys

Superhero stories continue to dominate pop culture, but there is a certain degree of fatigue that has set in and has caused audiences to be more critical and selective of what they consume. Based on the violent Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson series of the same name, The boys is the perfect antidote to all other mainstream superhero series.

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The boys works as well as it does due to its serious, raw examination of how terrifying a world full of superpowers would be. The boys recontextualizes familiar tropes in a rewarding way and with a phenomenal cast. The upcoming third season of the series will hopefully only push it to greater heights.

seven Better Things is a pure expression of voice that is infinitely honest

Better things is about to quietly end its run with its upcoming fifth season, but each year has been such an honest distillation of Pamela Adlon’s passions. Adlon plays Sam Fox, a single mother of three daughters who just wants to make his way in life. There’s nothing too complicated about the show, but Adlon knows how to focus on those authentic human interactions and the moments in life that accentuate humanity. It’s purely his own thing and it’s such a relief that he can end on his own terms.

6 Barry is as hilarious as he is devastating

TV Barry HBO Girl on the Roof

Bill Hader is an amazing comedic artist who was able to properly show the true extent of his talents with HBO Barry. Hader plays the role of a disgruntled hitman who finds acceptance in the world of community theater and becomes enchanted by the acting bug. The way in which Barry’s two worlds constantly collide with electric television, but Hader’s performance is on a whole new level. Fans have had to wait a long time since the show’s second season ended, but with a third and fourth season on the way, there are at least a lot more. Barry come in the future.

5 The subversion of Rick and Morty sci-fi stereotypes has only just begun

Adult Swim’s meteoric rise Rick and morty caught everyone by surprise, including its creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Rick and morty has always been a brilliant subversion of sci-fi tropes and the nature of storytelling, but it has evolved in unexpected ways and developed a very controversial relationship with its fan base.

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Some of the latest installments in the series can be random, corn Rick and morty still deserves credit for its fearlessness when it comes to experimenting with structure and genre. Rick and morty has been renewed for 70 jaw-dropping episodes, so it won’t be leaving anytime soon.

4 Search Party is the toughest, most unpredictable comedy on TV yet

Research group begins with a quirky look at languid millennials trying to find purpose in life by locating a missing person. This mission is just the tip of the iceberg for comedy and each season pushes the characters to amazing places on both a storytelling and genre level. Research group is absolutely fearless and Alia Shawkat’s transformative performance as Dory Seif is hands down the actress’ best work. It’s amazing that Research group makes it all come together. You really have to see his fifth and final season to be believed.

3 The good fight rips stories from headlines and embraces absurdity

Television The Good Fight Diane Lockhart Court

the good woman lasted over 150 episodes over seven seasons and yet his series derived from the sequel, The good fight, feels infinitely fresh and like it’s just beginning. Directed by Christine Baranski, The good fight has already produced five seasons, with a sixth underway, and it comes to life embracing the broader impulses of its creators, Robert and Michelle King. The good fight presents a legitimately gripping legal drama, like its predecessor, but its evolving tone and willingness to mix up its formula have kept it consistently enjoyable.

2 The estate’s messy take on the Roy family is a modern classic

Logan Roy chooses Gerri to succeed him in Succession

Audiences are used to looking to HBO for most of the best TV shows and they are currently Succession it’s the cable channel’s topical drama series. Succession has three seasons under his belt, and that expansive look at the dysfunctional Roy family has sounded like modern Shakespeare. the a power supply that continues to fracture the Roys feeds a large part of Succession drama, but it rose to the rank of illuminating character study and overwhelming satire of the 1%. Watching the rich trip up and cheat has never been so fun.

1 Better Call Saul is the ultimate morality tale that never takes the easy way out

Vince gilligan breaking Bad is still billed as one of the best TV dramas of all time and so there were serious reservations when the show’s conclusion was met with the announcement of a prequel series that focuses on Bob Odenkirk’s slimy criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. You better call Saul turned out to be much more than an extension of breaking Bad and Jimmy McGill’s gradual dissolution into Saul Goodman is arguably more fascinating than Walter White’s descent into Heisenberg. The final two-part season of the series is on its way and audiences are terrified by the end of this saga.

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