Biden’s tongue-in-cheek speech at Union Station shows why Republicans will win big next week

LLess than a week before the midterm elections, President Joe Biden took to the podium to deliver one of the most controversial and ugly speeches I’ve seen given by a sitting president. As Republican candidates surge across the country because voters have more faith in the GOP for rising crime, economy and inflation, Biden shouted angrily at half the country from Union Station from Washington.

The irony of giving this tone-deaf speech from Union Station is obvious. Union Station is the center of travel in Washington: bus lines, regional trains to the airport, the subway, and hundreds of taxis and ride-share vehicles pass by the station. It would be a great place to brag about a big political victory over travel expenses. But Biden is directly responsible for a year of crushing fuel prices that have made travel a nightmare for American families. In a recent survey, 79% of people traveling for vacation this year will change their plans to account for inflation.


Union Station’s gold-plated ceiling has intimidated travelers entering the neighborhood for generations, but that admiration quickly turns to shock when travelers exit the terminals.

Today, with the Capitol dome in the background, arrivals witness a scene that looks more like a Third World country, with tent dwellings and open drug use, where dispossessed families cajole families who pass by to give them change. A man was stabbed at the station earlier this year, and in September a shooting occurred at a popular station restaurant.

Soft crime prosecutors and Democratic politicians have made our cities increasingly dangerous places to live and work. Police departments have their hands tied trying to crack down on crime when offenders are back on the streets the same day they are arrested. American cities have simply become more dangerous places under our current president.

More ironically, Biden chose to speak in a part of the station whose space was vacated due to retail store closures. Many stores in Washington have been forced to close over the past two years due to overbearing pandemic rules: A pandemic that the White House refuses to admit is not currently an emergency.

Due to the out of control crime, it just doesn’t make sense for businesses to operate at Union Station. This fall, Starbucks permanently closed its doors in Union Station because the company believed the risks outweighed the benefits of selling coffee in this busy travel hub. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz directly blamed politicians who failed to maintain law and order in these places.

Washington is run entirely by Democratic politicians: from the mayor to the city council to Congress and the president, who have the power to override local district laws. Union Station is a prime example of the effect their policies have had on fuel prices, crime and our economy.

Biden avoided mentioning any of those topics in his speech because his administration has nothing but failure and chaos to brag about. Instead, he’s gone the usual route of portraying Republicans as a threat to democracy in a desperate attempt to change the subject rather than address the issues that are making people’s lives worse.

Next week, America will give this president and Congress their report cards. Is your life better than two years ago, or are you angry that you and your family are sacrificing because of inflation while Washington keeps spending? Will seeing your loved ones out of town cost less this holiday season, or will you be one of those families who change their plans so they can afford it?

Are your cities safer and your police forces stronger, or are you tired of criminals being treated as victims?

Do employers in your community stand a chance of recovering from the pandemic and thriving, or is your city seeing more and more small businesses unable to stay alive in Biden’s economy?

Next Tuesday, the power is in your hands.


Mike Braun, a Republican, is the young US senator from Indiana.