Breaking down season four time travel

The last season of The attack of the Titans threw an unexpected element into the war between the people of Paradis and the nation of Marley with the Jaeger siblings figuring out how to use the Founding Titan’s power to time travel. While at first it seemed like Eren and Zeke were merely witnesses to the events of their father’s life, the latest episode saw the Titans Attack and Beast were actually able to make changes to the past and had a direct impact on the events that had already happened with the life of Grisha Jaeger.

When Eren found himself transported to the realm of Ymir, the Founding Titan, he let the spade out regarding his true intentions as he didn’t want to go ahead with the “plan of euthanasia” of Zeke, thus having the eldest a brother transports him into Grisha’s life in an attempt to convince him that he was brainwashed by their father. In what might have been the original timeline, Grisha couldn’t bring himself to eat the Reiss Clan’s royal family, but was tricked by his time-traveling son, Eren, into doing just that, stealing the Founding Titan’s power. and triggering the events of the series proper.

Reddit user The Last Joaquin gave an extremely detailed explanation of the different timelines within The attack of the Titanswhile explaining Eren Jaeger’s actions and how the younger Jaeger was able to change the timeline by influencing his father’s actions using the power of the Attack Titan:

If you watched the new episode and need an explanation, here’s a good one from a few years ago. from
Shingeki No Kyojin

In a recent breakdown of an upcoming episode, Eren’s plan was revealed and it causes trouble for both Marley’s nation and the Scout Regiment. While the world of The attack of the Titans spent most of its time blurring the lines between right and wrong, the fourth and final season took things to an entirely different level and Hajime Isayama’s anime adaptation is sure to do a lot casualties in the franchise from all sides of the aisle.

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