Person creating installation art

In recent years, the realm of installation art has expanded beyond traditional gallery spaces and ventured into unconventional settings, captivating audiences with its immersive and interactive nature. One such intriguing intersection can be found at science fiction conventions where installation artists bring their imaginative creations to life amidst a backdropRead More →

Person creating artwork at convention

Mixed media art has been gaining significant recognition and appreciation in recent years, particularly within the context of science fiction conventions. The convergence of various artistic forms such as painting, sculpture, digital art, and performance creates a dynamic visual experience that captivates audiences and challenges traditional notions of art. ThisRead More →

Person creating digital artwork at convention

Digital art has transcended traditional boundaries, finding a unique breeding ground at science fiction conventions. These gatherings of like-minded individuals foster an environment where technology and imagination coalesce to create stunning visual masterpieces that push the limits of both mediums. One such example is the annual Science Fiction Convention heldRead More →