CCMC launches Rs 5.66 crore tender for smart water supply system – The New Indian Express

Express press service

COIMBATORE: Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) has issued a tender for the purchase, installation and maintenance of SCADA systems and mass flow meters in the additional areas of the city.

CCMC Assistant Commissioner Dr M Sharmila said the smart water supply systems including SCADA and bulk flow meters will be installed at a cost of ₹5.36 crore to address water distribution issues. water in the city.

“A tender has been issued for the installation and maintenance of a total of 113 mass flowmeters with SCADA systems. In addition to this, another 79 mass flowmeters will be purchased and installed later. Interested persons can tender for the tender which will be considered on June 27 of this month. Once implemented, the distribution issues will be resolved and all areas will receive an equal supply of potable water,” he said. she adds.

The number of CCMC wards grew from 60 to 100 about a decade ago. Thus, the civic body struggled to supply enough water to the 40 newly added neighborhoods. While the civic body implemented the 24/7 clean water supply project through Suez Projects Private Limited in the 60 former neighborhoods, water for the remaining 40 neighborhoods is provided through various programs including Amrut and KVV.

Sources said that to bridge the huge gap in water supply frequency in the areas, modernized water flow meters will be installed and data will be collected through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) method. ).

The administrative sanction was granted by the Director of Municipal Administration and the Commissariat of Municipal Administration (CMA) approved for technical sanction for the detailed project report sent by the civic body.

CCMC has now issued a call for tenders for the execution of the project.