County taking no action on rezoning petition for site on Bill Carter Road

At the county commission meeting on February 1, 2022, the Board of Commissioners had a 3-3 tied vote, meaning no action was taken and no activity can take place on a property on Bill Carter Road.

Owner Joseph A. Bradham was requesting that it be rezoned from Agricultural Residential (AR1) to General Commercial (B 2) to operate a storage yard for two box trucks, a double truck, two trailers, a car hauler and a camper.

In an earlier meeting, Bradham said he had run a mobile mechanics business since 2018 and previously stored his equipment at his other home in Hinesville. He was told the equipment needed to be moved, so he moved it to his property on Bill Carter Road. He said he originally bought the property to build a house. He said he was told he could either build a house or have it zoned for business, but he couldn’t have both on the same property. Bradham said he was not doing any work from this property; it’s only where he stores his gear.

The no-action vote means Bradham must move his gear and must wait six months before he can take the matter to the board again.

Raymond Gross was named the new director of the Liberty County Recreation Department after former director Jimmy Martin retired.

The Board of Directors received the full plan for Fire Services and EMS as they seek to expand Fire Services and resume EMS operations from Liberty Regional Medical Center. The plan, carried out by the Carl Vinson Institute, created new job descriptions and salary scales. The cost of running the services is expected to be approximately $215,322.12 per year. The council approved the overall plan.

Commissioners have approved the rezoning of 142.12 acres from agriculture to residential for the development of a new housing estate with 156 homes off Leroy Coffer Highway and Willie Dixon Road. During the public hearing, Darlene Jackson spoke out against the rezoning, saying traffic would be a problem and the speed limit should be lowered to reduce accidents. She said she wasn’t necessarily against the subdivision, but the changes to the freeway need to be addressed. The council will study the question with the Ministry of Transport.

Council also approved a rezoning application from David McDonald Enterprise to rezone 30.51 acres from agriculture to residential for homes to be built in Groover Road and Ray Road.

The council voted to reject all offers to improve Bill Carter Road due to a lack of funding for the project. Engineer Trent Long said they originally budgeted $558,000 for the project and the lowest bid they received was $852,131. By rejecting the offers, the county will have some time to seek financing and propose the project at a later date.

During their discussion regarding assisting the City of Hinesville with funding for Southside Park off Airport Road, Commissioner Eddie Walden said he would like to see the current county park project completed before assisting the city. to build phase 1. He also asked who would maintain the park. County Administrator Joey Brown said there have been talks about maintenance, but no plans have been finalized.

“Let them go ahead and start, and then if we can help them, we will help them,” Walden said.

Commissioner Connie Thrift said the council should remain obligated to help since it had already told the city it would. The council has committed $350,000 to complete Phase 1.

Commissioners Marion Stevens and Maxie R. Jones IV mentioned that they have parks in their district that have yet to be completed. Jones added that he could not contribute as much to the park because he has fewer funds. President Donald Lovette and Thrift are each contributing $100,000 to help the city, and Commissioners Gary Gilliard and Walden are each contributing $75,000. The board approved a resolution to implement a state court technology surcharge to help provide the necessary funds to update and purchase necessary court technology.