Does your heating system need an upgrade?

Your home’s heating system is an essential piece of equipment. Unless you live in an extremely hot environment, you need a reliable heat source in the winter. Although you can huddle around a radiator, it’s just not the same as having central heating.

Although central heating systems can last a long time, there are several reasons to consider improving the way you heat your home.

1. You want to change your style

The quality of your heating system is important, but so is the aesthetics. If you don’t mind a simple, boring HVAC system with standard vents, you probably don’t have to worry about style. However, if you are going for a certain look inside your home, style matters.

Consider the fact that you can install infrared heaters on your ceiling that will look stylish and heat your space more efficiently than a conventional HVAC system. These heaters work better because the infrared heat is better absorbed by the human body and adheres to clothing and other household items.

This brings us to the next point: switching to infrared heat.

2. You wish you were warmer

Part of keeping a space warm involves retaining the heat you produce. With a standard HVAC system, only the air is heated, which means you have to close every window and seal every crack to get the most out of the heat.

Infrared heat is a bit more forgiving because it directly heats objects, including your body. You will still feel cold with the windows open, but your body will feel warmer when the heat is infrared.

3. You want to save money

You can only save so much money by setting your thermostat to a lower temperature and closing all doors and windows. With a conventional HVAC system, you need to conserve energy and conserve heat to save money, but this type of heat is not as efficient as infrared.

When you upgrade your heating system to infrared heat, you’ll save money on your electric bill. Infrared heat uses 30-40% less energy and is almost 100% efficient, which means you won’t have to run your heater for as long to reach the same temperature in your space. Your body will feel warmer faster, and with the right insulation, your space will stay warm much longer.

4. You don’t sleep well

If you don’t sleep well, you may be sleep deprived without knowing it. You can actually sleep twelve hours a night and still be sleep deprived. Deprivation comes from not falling into a deep, restful state of REM, where your body regenerates and renews itself.

When sleep is an issue, take a look at your heating system to see if it could be part of the problem. Too much heat interferes with sleep. If your heating system doesn’t turn on and off according to your schedules and you’re overheating at night, it’s time to fix the problem.

Fortunately, repairing your thermostat will be much cheaper than replacing your entire heating system. While you’re looking for a new thermostat, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. So, if ever the heat is too high, you can lower it from the app on your smartphone without leaving your bed.

5. Your heating system is down

The most obvious reason to upgrade your heating system is if it’s actually broken. If you have trouble staying warm or are trying to use heaters and blankets, it’s not worth it.

If you need to repair your heating system, you can also consider upgrades that will make it even better. For example, you might want a smart thermostat or a heating system that lets you control the temperature in each individual room.

6. You don’t have a heating system

Not having a heating system is the best reason to upgrade your home and install one as soon as possible. Everyone needs heat in their home, even if you only use it a few months a year.

Also, if you have a heating system in your house and decide to sell your house later, you will get more offers. Unheated homes tend to stay on the market longer.

Stay warm and cozy with your ideal heat source

Whether you’re upgrading your heating system to stay warmer or want to add a little class to your living space, it’s worth considering. Whatever your motivation, the most important thing is that you can stay comfortable and warm in your home.