Dragon Ball GT Cosplay shows the fantasy side of trunks

We’ve certainly seen quite a few alternate versions of Vegeta’s son over the years, with Trunks first coming onto the scene in Dragon Ball Z after the Frieza Saga as a time-traveling warrior trying to save the world from the threat of Dr. Gero’s androids. While the story of Dragon Ball Grand Tour might not be considered canon, Trunks’ version saw Bulma and Vegeta’s offspring take center stage in an effort to find the Black Star Dragon Balls and a fan created a cosplay for one of the looks more fanciful Trunks from the sequel series.

Unfortunately for Trunks fans, the former Future Warrior didn’t have much to do during Dragon Ball GTunable to trigger new transformations during the proceedings in the same vein as Goku and Vegeta achieving Super Saiyan 4 forms. However, Trunks was given the opportunity to return to the Shonen franchise during the events of Dragon Ball Super, with his future self once again returning to the past in an effort to warn the Z-Fighters of the threat posed by Goku Black, an infamous doppelganger who was revealed to be a rogue Kaioshin by the name of Zamatsu. While Future Trunks has yet to be confirmed to return to Super this summer. Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes will feature the current version of the Z-Fighter as a teenager.

Instagram Cosplayer Alaskajere-Cosplay shared this well-dressed version of Trunks who briefly appeared in Dragon Ball GTwith Vegeta and Bulma’s son in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super normally wearing very different outfits when it came to diving into battle against androids and alien threats:

Currently, Future Trunks has been featured in Dragon Ball Super Heroes, with the Ultra God mission showing the Z-Fighter wielding the power of Super Saiyan God as a new tournament arc unfolds. Battling what appears to be his former master, Future Gohan, it will be interesting to see how this battle plays out and if Trunks is able to pull off any new transformations as a result of this new group of heroes.

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