Eurovision host city: Claire McColgan from Liverpool discusses recent BBC and EBU site visit

The BBC has not yet made its decision on the host city of Eurovision 2023 and everything remains to be decided. That’s the message Culture Liverpool’s Claire McColgan recently delivered in an interview about the host city’s bid process.

Speaking a day after EBU and BBC officials visited the city, she explained they were looking into details of the bid venue – the M&S Bank Arena and the ACC Liverpool convention center near. She pointed out that the Labor Party recently held their conference at the ACC, so the venue looked spectacular.

Given the relatively late start to planning this year, due to the war in Ukraine, she explained how organizers – at the EBU, the BBC and in the eventual host city – are facing a lack of time.

“You put on a show somewhere – a massive show, one of the biggest shows in the world – and you do it in seven months instead of a year. So they don’t have a year to plan, so things have to go very quickly and we have a lot of work to do.

Some suggested online that Glasgow had already won it and the BBC was just going through the stages, so it looked like a contest. But Claire has none of that. She confirmed that there will be another visit from the BBC next week.

“The BBC is not stupid,” she said. “It’s a lot of work for them. It would have been very easy for them to go to “Glasgow”. They haven’t made up their mind. If they had made up their mind, they would have just gone with one of us. I don’t believe a decision has been made so far, because why would you bother? »

Claire is confident Liverpool can pull it off.

“If we get it, we just have to go straight there. In some ways, I absolutely know we can deliver that. We have the team to deliver it here…our in-house team who are truly world class in terms of major event delivery. It will be really difficult, but you work with really experienced organizations that have done it before, but are also the best in the world, right? I’m not afraid to put it on.

She also cited the strength of the city’s cultural offering, saying they’ve built “a brilliant program around Ukraine, which we’re really excited about, and our relationship with Odessa.”

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