Full List of Canceled (and Renewed) Netflix Shows in 2022

In 2021, Netflix made some tough decisions about many of its original series, and it looks like 2022 will be no different for our favorite Netflix shows.

While a handful of fan-favorite Netflix shows like The Babysitters Club and First murder have unfortunately been cancelled, many others have been renewed. Some have even been renewed for several seasons, such as Vikings: Valhalla, Emily in Paris, and Heart stroke.

Find out if the Netflix shows you love made the cut or are on the chopping block. In August 2022, Netflix handed out multiple renewals and cancellations each, after announcing the fate of Lincoln’s attorney, Space Force, and more.

We share the full list of Netflix original shows that have been renewed and canceled throughout 2022, updated with the latest Netflix news.

Canceled and renewed Netflix shows

There is great news for fans of Emily in Paris. The Emmy-nominated romantic comedy has been given the green light for TWO more seasons on Netflix! Emily in Paris season 3 and season 4 are confirmed, with (fingers crossed!) plenty more to come.

Moreover, a world newbie Heart stroke has already gotten the green light for seasons 2 and 3, while the fan-favorite romantic drama sweet magnolias will also be back for another series of small town stories. The biggest new series of the year, Lincoln’s lawyer, marked one of the fastest turnovers in recent memory.

Unfortunately, Netflix has handed out so many cancellations to a few beloved series, with the comedy-drama Latinx gentified becoming the first cancellation of the year after two seasons. Other unfortunately shortened series include sitcom Emily Osment smart enough, Steve Carell’s Comedy space force, and the teenage supernatural fantasy drama First murder.

Netflix has yet to announce the fate of a number of recent releases, such as The Umbrella Academy, Resident Evil, Uncoupled, and many more released this year. We expect more renewals and cancellations to occur as new series premiere in 2022.

While not canceled, a handful of fan-favorite series will come to an end in 2022 with the final seasons previously announced. Dead to me, Ozark, and Grace and Frankie are Netflix’s greatest originals bidding farewell, with locke and key sign too.

Renewed Netflix shows

Netflix shows canceled

  • Canceled: Another life
  • Canceled: Cooking with Paris
  • Canceled: gentified
  • Canceled: The Babysitters Club
  • Canceled: Archives 81
  • Canceled: About
  • Canceled: Raising Dion
  • Canceled: Smart enough
  • Canceled: space force
  • Canceled: adventure beast
  • Canceled: Q-Force
  • Canceled: First murder

Netflix shows ending in 2022

  • dead to me (end in 2022)
  • Family meeting (end in 2022)
  • Grace and Frankie (end in 2022)
  • locke and key (ending August 10, 2022)
  • ozark (end in 2022)

For all the shows that were renewed or canceled last year, check out the list here. We’ll let you know about other canceled and renewed Netflix shows in 2022 as we find out.