George Kambosos vs Devin Haney LIVE: Stream, latest updates and result tonight

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The bad blood may well be spilling over when George Kambosos Jr and Devin Haney clash in Melbourne today, as the pair battle it out to crown an undisputed lightweight champion.

Haney will be in hostile territory at Marvel Stadium as he puts his WBC belt on the line, while Australian Kambosos Jr defends his WBO, WBA and IBF straps against the American. Each fighter will also be looking to go undefeated in the main event contest, with Haney’s pro record standing at 27-0 (15 KOs), while Kambosos Jr is 20-0 (10 KOs). In his last outing, 28-year-old Kambosos Jr picked up a decisive win over Teofimo Lopez, dethroning the American with a split decision victory in November. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Haney edged out Joseph Diaz last April to retain his WBC title.

Kambosos Jr demanded two attempts to gain weight on Friday, before declaring it was “the art of war, baby, deception”. The Australian continued: “Let them believe it was done. Everything is for a cause, everything is for a process. Trust me. Tomorrow, just be here. The art of war, deception, maybe I did it on purpose. Haney, meanwhile, received a late boost from his father’s arrival in Australia. Bill Haney, who coaches his son, got a visa on short notice and will be in the WBC champions corner at Marvel Stadium. Follow live updates below.


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

Kambosos Jr stumbles missing with a left hook. He stumbles into the ropes as Haney spins out of harm’s way.

Kambosos Jr digs a few hooks into Haney’s belly from close quarters.

The crowd turns up the volume as we enter the final minute of the fight.

We reach the final bell and Haney tries to hug Kambosos Jr, who isn’t too enthusiastic.

Haney climbs the ropes in the corner and receives hearty boos.

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 05:20


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

Kambosos Jr needs a finish here and he seems to know it.

He goes after Haney, who cleverly dodges while launching a few counter-attacks.

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 05:16


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

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Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 05:12


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

Kambosos Jr misses with an overhand right. Haney kicks the Aussie in the chest.

Kambosos Jr with his own body work – a left hook then a right hook.

The Aussie grabs Haney’s glove to set up a left hand, and the referee cautions the home favorite.

Haney continues with his disciplined approach, working behind the jab.

Kambosos Jr narrowly misses with an uppercut.

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 05:12


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

The Melbourne crowd roars at Kambosos Jr at the start of Round 9.

Haney pumps more double-jabs, but Kambosos Jr responds with a heavy straight that catches the WBC champ’s eye!

Now Haney is falling, but it’s considered a slip! He seemed to stumble under pressure from Kambosos Jr in the corner. Now the Aussie stumbles while chasing Haney.

The fighters exchange hard right hands at the same time. It’s a better fate for Kambosos Jr, who has now caused a little swelling on Haney’s face.

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 05:08


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

Haney swings a big right hook that just misses.

Kambosos Jr’s right eye appears to be surrounded by a few small cuts. The other side of his face is bruised.

The Aussie is running out of time to get things moving. He chases Haney and slams a left hook into the American’s stomach to the cheers of the crowd.

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 05:04


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

Indie Sports has Haney 5-1 in terms of rounds as we enter the second half of this fight.

The short left hook lands for Kambosos Jr. It also connects with a straight straight, but it looks like Haney got a counter left there.

Double shot from Haney. Every time Kambosos Jr is successful, he gets paid by the tourist.

We get to the point where Kambosos Jr is just about starts to take enough damage that you can imagine the right hit taking him down…

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 05:00


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

There’s a bit of Floyd Mayweather in this Haney performance. He was very skilled with his jab and didn’t have to exert more energy than he needed.

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 4:56 a.m.


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

Haney with a jab and a right hand to Kambosos Jr’s body. Now a smooth uppercut!

Kambosos Jr is struggling to find a rhythm. Every time he tries to follow his jab, he misses shots and gets tied up.

The Aussie now connects with a left hook. But right away, Haney reasserts himself with a jab.

Another left hook for Kambosos Jr, who then digs one into Haney’s stomach from close quarters.

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 04:52


Kambosos Jr vs. Haney

Indie Sports took Haney 29-28 after three rounds.

Haney still uses his jab well as Round 4 passes his midpoint.

Now the American lands an overhand right.

There is a swelling on the right side of Kambosos Jr’s face. The Aussie connects with his own jab, but Haney then lands two himself before catching Kambosos Jr with a well-timed right counter hook!

Alex PattleJune 5, 2022 4:48 a.m.