Gibo bats for an improved carrying system

MANILA, Philippines — Former Secretary of Defense and Senate candidate Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro sees the need to further improve the transportation system, especially in Metro Manila and urbanized areas, by investing in technology and innovation.

Teodoro, a former congressman from Tarlac, said that apart from adding road and transportation infrastructure, there is also a need to invest in smart transportation such as big data and intelligent transportation systems that will improve the efficiency of the transport sector.

“We should modernize our public transport. Intelligent transportation systems can provide real-time information to motorists and commuters about traffic as well as the schedules and availability of public transportation like trains and buses,” Teodoro said. “This would help Filipino workers as they begin to return to their workplaces as part of the new normal.”

The intelligent transportation system, interconnected by big data including GPS, provides users with positioning, navigation and timing information, can solve traffic problems, especially in areas where new road construction does not is not possible, like those in already congested areas.

Teodoro is also pushing for inclusive mobility that will meet the transportation needs of commuters with unique needs, including people with disabilities, seniors, women and children.

Detective Agencies Endorse Eleazar

The 600,000-strong Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators Inc. (PADPAO) has endorsed the senatorial candidacy of former PNP leader General Guillermo Eleazar.

In a statement signed by PADPAO President Ramon Bergado, the group declared its full support for Eleazar’s candidacy, saying it believes the retired police general’s proven track record makes him highly qualified to hold a post. seat in the Senate.

“After a series of internal consultations, we at the Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators, Inc. declare our full support for the senatorial candidacy of former PNP Chief General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar. in the May 9, 2022 elections,” the group said in a statement.

“A man of honor and integrity, we believe he has all the qualifications and proven track record, which are essential for a public servant in a national post, to further improve peace and order in the country,” he added.

In supporting Eleazar, the group said they have personally witnessed how the former PNP leader appreciates the role of every member of the security sector in protecting the streets and the community from criminal elements.

PADPAO, made up of security guards, private detectives and investigators, also supported Eleazar in his position that peace and order are a solid foundation for economic development.

Eleazar expressed his gratitude to PADPAO for their support. “Hindi ko sasayangin the supportang ibinigay as akin ng PADPAO. Makakaasa kayo na isa sa bibigyan ko ng prayoridad in Senado ang kapakanan of security guards and iba pang personnel na tumutulong sa ating kapulisan and kasundaluhan upang mapanatili ang kapayapaan and kaayusan to ating komunidad.