Glenkens wind farm proposal appealed to the Scottish government for the third time

Proposals for a wind farm in the Glenkens are being appealed to the Scottish government – for the third time.

Energiekontor UK has filed documents at Holyrood for its plans at Cornharrow near Dalry just two days before Christmas.

The move was made possible because the council had not made a decision on the plans for seven turbines as high as 180 m on time.

This is the third time that the German energy company, who has already planned eight turbines on the site, has filed such an appeal against the development.

He originally wanted to build 13 turbines when his plans were unveiled in 2017.

By the time they asked the council for permission in 2018, it had reduced that number to 11.

As the council did not make a decision, he appealed to Holyrood.

But the application was rejected because the proposal would have had “significant and unacceptable negative impacts on the landscape, on the enjoyment of cultural heritage, on an important route for recreation in the countryside and on the enjoyment of the surrounding area”.

The company tried again last year with plans for eight turbines up to 150m high and this time gained approval on appeal from the Scottish government.

But in August, he filed a new application for seven turbines, this time up to 180m high, which is the subject of last resort.