Go, Go, Gone – Old Tahoe Urgent Care Leveled to Allow Site Restoration | South of Lake Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CAL. –The 67-year-old building that once housed Tahoe Urgent Care at the corner of 4th Street and Lake Tahoe Boulevard has been demolished. Crews were on site Tuesday to demolish the old building on the 0.48-acre property purchased by the California Tahoe Conservancy plot. The plot is located on environmentally sensitive land which is subject to frequent flooding.

In 2015, the Conservancy purchased the adjacent land, demolished the structure on it, banked the development rights, and then bought the emergency care building and land after the conservation board approved the purchase in 2020. They spent $475,000 of Proposition 68 funds, and the cost of demolishing and restoring the properties came from budgeted land stewardship program funds.

This project is part of the Conservancy’s broader effort to acquire and restore aging developed properties on environmentally sensitive lands, and withdraw or transfer development rights associated with town centers.

The City of South Lake Tahoe’s Tahoe Valley Stormwater and Greenbelt Improvement Project is located south and east of the “Y” intersection. The recently demolished property sits at one end of this 320-acre project drainage area and the City has currently put it up for tender.