GSA Announces Sale of GSA Auburn Federal Site for $80 Million to WRI


The U.S. General Services Administration announced May 20 that an LLC representing Industrial Realty Group of Los Angeles was the winning bidder for the federal campus, auctioned earlier this year.

United States General Services Administration

The US General Services Administration announced Friday the successful bidder and now owner of the 129-acre federal campus in Auburn.

It is a familiar entity in the region when it comes to the redevelopment of large-scale commercial sites.

Auburn’s federal complex, 400 15th St. SW, marketed as Pacific Point, was sold to IRG Auburn LLC, representing Industrial Realty Group of Los Angeles, for $80 million.

This price was the minimum bid set by the GSA.

According to GSA: “The new owner has indicated that he will take possession of the property in phases, depending on the schedule offered by GSA to potential buyers.”

The GSA says two federal agencies and a child care provider “may occupy a portion of the property rent-free through April 30, 2024.”

IRG also owns the former Weyerhaeuser campus at Federal Way, which it is in the process of redeveloping in Woodbridge Business Park.

The Auburn campus has been home to the GSA’s regional headquarters for more than half a century, with the new headquarters relocating to Columbia Bank Center, 1301 A St. in Tacoma.

The sale closes a major chapter in the federal government’s long history with the property, originally purchased in 1944 by the U.S. military.

In 1962, GSA took possession of a 177-acre portion of the site with several WWII warehouses, three 1950s warehouses, an administrative office and a water tower. The remaining military property was sold to private developers.

During the 1990s, the GSA donated land to the city of Auburn for a school bus park and depot. According to the GSA, an additional 8.4 acres have been donated to the city for its Municipal Fire Training Center.

In 2017, the GSA announced the “transfer” of ownershippart of the plan reduce the federal real estate footprint.

The GSA put the property up for auction in 2021, with revised terms of sale announced in January, setting a new timeline for when a buyer could take over the site to allow some government offices to remain temporarily, and setting a date for soft closing on February 1. 16 for sale.

IRG specializes in the acquisition, development and management of commercial and industrial real estate. Its portfolio contains over 150 properties in 28 states.

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