Hillingdon Hospitals Commissioned with IMMJ’s MediViewer System

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has deployed IMMJ Systems’ MediViewer electronic document management system across 10 clinical specialties with the aim of digitizing patient records.

The system allows the hospital to digitize, index and archive paper medical records which can then be viewed by healthcare professionals through a fast and intuitive touch screen interface used from anywhere.

It is hoped that the introduction of MediViewer will improve the patient experience and change the way patient care can be delivered, as the system provides a complete overview of a patient’s health record quickly and efficiently.

Robbie Cline, co-chief information officer for Hillingdon Hospitals, said: “This project is an important part of our journey to eliminate the need to move large amounts of paper around our organisation. By scanning our existing paper notes and any new paper created, clinical teams will have access to all parts of their patients’ medical records.

The trust took its first step towards a paperless environment in September 2019 when it deployed MediViewer in its emergency department. It then signed a seven-year contract with IMMJ Systems in June 2021 to further deploy the system and earlier this year MediViewer was extended to ophthalmology.

So far, the trust has digitized more than 15,000 patient records and intends to roll it out across all specialties. Following the IMMJ’s support for deployment in ophthalmology, trusted resources will now support its delivery in the remaining specialties.

Jamie Hall, Sales Manager, IMMJ Systems, said, “There has been a lot of hard work to ensure a successful rollout of MediViewer at Hillingdon Hospital on both sides.

“We are absolutely delighted with the initial feedback on the performance and responsiveness of the system, but more importantly, seeing the benefits the deployment brings to patients and overall confidence over the months and years to come is a critically important to all of us.”

The project also involved digitizing the trust’s active and legacy records from its medical records library. Hugh Symons Information Management has been tasked with digitizing over 350,000 medical records over the next three years.

Chris Booth, managing director of the specialist scanning service provider, said: “Since the start of the project in early 2022, we have already processed over two million images from both legacy health records and files. up to date. We are thrilled with this partnership and successfully delivering another project on time and on budget over the next few months. »

MediViewer has also been integrated with Hillingdon Care Record, for a robust view of patient health records, and will also be integrated with the trust’s new Cerner EPR when it goes live later this year.

The project is part of the trust’s digital strategy and has aligned three acute trusts in north west London. Hillingdon Hospitals, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust are all now operating with the same clinical document management system.