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Carrie Underwood’s marriage is hanging by a thread and her upcoming tour is at the center of contention, a new report claims.

A source tells RadarOnline that Carrie’s husband, Mike Fisher, is tired of being a stay-at-home dad and wants to pursue a career as a professional hockey coach. The country music singer, however, is not a fan of ex-NHL player Mike, who still travels extensively. Instead, she wants him to travel with her and their children – Isaiah, 7, and Jacob, 3 – on her upcoming 43-date concert tour, her longest concert tour to date.

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“Carrie says she can’t function without her family with her on tour, and she doesn’t want to get rid of the kids with a babysitter,” the source said. “But for Mike, when he’s on Carrie’s tours, it’s a lot of running after their kids!”

Mike, according to Radar, is starting to view his 12-year marriage as one-sided.

“Mike gets a lot of offers to be a coach. But when he talks to Carrie about it, she says absolutely not,” the friend said. “She reminds him of when he was playing traveling all over North America, they barely saw each other.”

After a 20-year NHL career, Mike retired in 2018. Still, he wants to be around the game, which left their marriage at a crossroads, the report claims.

“He has dreams too,” the source close to the couple said. “You just think that if the two can’t find a happy medium in their personal and professional lives, their marriage is doomed!”

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This isn’t the first time the couple have fallen victim to rumors of marital trouble. This time, however, fans point to Mike’s absence from Carrie’s Instagram. Although Mike appeared in a September 15 article, the video was actually a throwback to three years earlier. Prior to that, Mike was seen in a June photo on Carrie’s Instagram – that was also a throwback. Also, Mike wasn’t with Carrie at a CMT Giants taping earlier this month, but they recently went on a date. He also attended the Grammy Awards with her in April.

“She puts on a happy show in front of the cameras, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes,” a source says Okay Magazine in June. “If you ask people who know them, they’ll tell you [their marriage] is far from perfect. The truth is that they have had problems for years.”