It’s boom time for Brighouse as annual report highlights successes in city’s economy

The Business Improvement District’s annual report has just been released for 2021-22 and highlights both the challenges of emerging from Covid lockdowns but also the opportunities for organizing events and activities that bring people together after a period when they were forced to separate.

The organization has three goals which build on the town’s rich history and strong character to make Brighouse a vibrant, vibrant and interesting, family-friendly destination town by welcoming and encouraging shoppers and visitors to the town and being clean, safe and secure.

In 2018, more than seven in ten businesses voted yes to become a BID city, with the organization beginning work for a five-year term in 2019. Every business in the city center is a member, and any business outside the city limits the IDB can register as a voluntary member.

Some of the successes highlighted by the annual report include:

Over 70,000 visitors to Brighouse over 1940s weekend and Jubilee celebrations in June 2022.

A family-oriented dinosaur event that led to August 2022 having 1.5 times more attendance in the city center than the same period the year before.

Dwell time, the time spent in the city center during a visit, has increased year on year and is now 52 minutes on average.

Lesley Adams, Co-Chair of Brighouse BID, said: “As business owners, we know it’s important that every pound spent delivers for Brighouse, which is why we take our responsibility to use the BID Direct Debit from appropriately extremely seriously.

“Sometimes that means we have to make tough and controversial decisions, and we’ve had to think outside the box to achieve the goals that our downtown stores, cafes and businesses voted yes to the BID for.

“We are confident that we are making a difference and that the last 12 months have laid the foundation for what Brighouse can achieve, with the return of some of our most popular events, the launch of new initiatives and plans to do more. more in the months and years to come.

“Thank you to all businesses, shoppers and visitors for helping to make Brighouse a clean, safe and family-friendly destination we can all be proud of.”