‘Jimmy Butler shows off his rare $100,000 Mark Wahlberg Air Jordan 4!’: When the Miami Heat superstar showed off his sneaker collection and fashion sense

Jimmy Butler is good friends with Neymar jr and Mark Wahlberg. The latter offered him the green Air Jordan 4, which cost $100,000!

Jimmy Butler is a man of good taste. He’s often one of the hottest men in the NBA, he has a brand of coffee that emerged during the pandemic, and he’s a wine connoisseur.

Moreover, he also has an incredibly cool sneaker collection. While many may not be familiar with his sneaker collection, it’s worth noting that almost every NBA player has an insane list of shoes. Butler is no different.

In a segment with Hypebeast that aired a few years ago, Butler opened up about his foray into the fashion world and how he’s now acquired a taste for high-end clothing.

It also features a stunning shoe room, which housed some crazy pairs, including a rare limited-edition Air Jordan 4!

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Jimmy Butler shows off a sneaker that’s only limited to 30 pairs and costs over $100,000!

Talk about flexing your friendship. Jimmy Butler casually pulls out some limited-edition sneakers given to him by close friend and actor Mark Wahlberg.

The Air Jordan 4, aptly called the “Wahlburgers” Player Edition after its fast food chain. The actor got the EP limited to just 30 pairs!

Jimmy Butler has one! The pair is so rare that it often fetches over $100,000 at auction. Jimmy also has a chat with his stylist and they talk about how they can combine outfits.

While he has become a style icon off the court, Jimmy has also been incredible on the court. He hopes to lead the Miami Heat to a 2-1 lead against the Boston Celtics tonight.

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