John Deere Scraper Earthmoving Productivity System provides volume measurement accuracy

John Deere has launched its latest technology offering, the Earthmoving Productivity System, which is now available to scraper and earthmoving customers looking for a solution to improve the accuracy of loaded volume measurement in a real-time scraper. The earthmoving productivity system transfers critical data directly to the JDLink dashboard, via JDLink connectivity, enabling increased accuracy for bidding and invoicing.

The Earthmoving Productivity System technology takes images from inside the scraper and displays them to the operator, while calculating the distance being loaded in real time. The calculated yardage is shown to the operator at each pass, summed after each cycle and is recorded to show daily productivity. The visual display of this system also allows operators to see products loaded into the scraper even when the view may otherwise be obstructed, allowing operators to stay focused on what is in front of them.

“Customers working on site development can now better manage their cost per meter and most importantly benefit from maximizing travel capacity and spill prevention,” said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager at John Deere. “This technology can be a game-changer for customers carrying out scraping and earthmoving projects, and once integrated into the job site, it will become an essential system for operators.”

Integrated Earthmoving Productivity System solutions provide advanced machine data such as total fuel consumption and wheel slip. The system’s 3D camera provides video feed directly inside the scraper tank, improving operator visibility of material loaded into the scraper. Available via an in-cab monitor, the operator can increase visibility inside the scraper.

Available for installation on single, dual or triple scraper systems, the Earthmoving Productivity System can be retrofitted to all D-Series scrapers. This system is also compatible with select John Deere Scraper Specialty Tractors (2015 or later newer models), including the 9R, 9RT and 9RX models.

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