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The offers for the Contract 3 – Site Construction – for Phase 1 of the Yates County Public Safety Communications Project located in Yates County, New York, will be received until 1:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at the office of the Sheriff of Yates County Public Safety Building, 227 Main Street, Penn Yan, New York 14527. Tenders will be opened publicly and read aloud thereafter for the following: The project involves the construction of two towers of emergency communications at existing sites and the removal/disposal of two existing towers as specified in the contract documents, including the installation of an owner-purchased equipment cabinet (a steel lattice tower and a single-pole steel tower). A main contract forms part of this work, as follows: Contract 4 – Site construction Each bid must be made using the forms provided in the contract documents and must be accompanied by a cash deposit, cashier’s check, certified check or bid bond payable to Yates County in the amount of 5% of the total bid as a guarantee that the Bidder will enter into the Contract if awarded the project. Retention and disposal of such cash, cashiers checks, certified checks or bid bonds by the county shall be in accordance with Article 5A, Section 105 of the General Municipal Law, as amended. Contract documents (drawings, specifications, proposal forms, and bid requirements) may be viewed or are available from the Syracuse office of C&S Engineers, Inc. 499 Col. Eileen Collins Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13212 by contacting Rita Fendick at (315) 455-2000 [email protected] or electronically by calling or emailing Rita. All potential bidders are requested to register with Rita Fendick of C&S Engineers, Inc. to ensure receipt of any addenda. It is the sole responsibility of bidders to ensure receipt of all addenda. Bids should be submitted in sealed envelopes with the words “Yates County, Public Safety Communications Project, Phase 1, Contract 4 – Site Construction, Bid Number and Contractor’s Name and Address” clearly written. outside. Bidders must not include in their bid New York State and county or city compensatory sales and use taxes on materials, equipment and supplies to be incorporated into the project. The successful contractor will be required to perform the contract and to comply in all respects with Article 5A, Section 105 of the General Municipal Law, as amended. All forms listed below must be completed by the Bidder, signed where indicated, and submitted to the County as part of this Bid. These include in particular the following: 1. Detailed offer proposal 2. Bid guarantee

3. Non-collusive offer certificate 4. Guarantor’s declaration of intent 5. Entrepreneurs Election Law Statement 6. Entrepreneur Donations Law Statement 7. Iranian Energy Divestment Certification 8. Insurance certificate 9. Federal Form “W-9” ten. Required Bidder Checklist 11. MWBE Preliminary Usage Plan 12. Contractor’s Stormwater Certification Statement 13. Offeror’s Membership Certificate to Executive Order 177 Yates County aims to achieve the following MWBE participation in this project: 15% minority-owned businesses and 15% women-owned businesses Contractors must submit as part of their bid a preliminary MWBE usage plan. The county also applied for a grant from the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. If successful, part of this project would be funded by any grants received. Contractors are advised that additional MWBE requirements and objectives may be established at this time. The lowest bidder, upon notice, may be required within 24 hours of notification to submit their most recent audited financial statement. This statement must be kept confidential in accordance with the provisions of the Public Officials Act. The Yates County Public Safety Committee and/or the Yates County Legislature reserves the right to reject any bids submitted.

Send all your questions in writing to:

James A. Dickens, Senior Director

C&S Engineers, Inc.

499 Col Blvd. Eileen Collins.

Syracuse, NY 13212

Email: [email protected]


Ronald G. Spike, Yates County Sheriff

Yates County Sheriff’s Office

227 Main Street

Penn Yan, NY 14527

Email: [email protected]

DATED: March 15, 2022