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Brown, 49, moved to Nanaimo with her family in 1987 as a child, when her parents bought a small store on Victoria Rd.

She said Nanaimo was a safe place to grow up, but that has changed in the 35 years since.

As part of his 4H Campaign Platform on Housing, Homelessness, Habitat and Harmony, Brown proposes bringing marginalized people together in one area to better provide support and services.

“Create a bit like a campground with all the amenities of this area. It’s short term, it’s not ideal, but at least it would be effective and that’s the kind of person I am in my life. I am efficient, I want to save money, I want direct actions and direct solutions.

She said the spread of social unrest issues in the city is stressing residents in all corners of Nanaimo and increasingly dispersing emergency resources.

Brown said she has reviewed the city’s financial statements extensively and will advocate for a tax rate freeze for at least a year in an effort to help residents and businesses.

“Over the last four years taxes have gone up about 18.5%, there is money in the bank. We ordinary citizens and businesses really deserve a break for everything we’ve been through.

Its larger, longer-term goals include funding health care initiatives, investing in facilities, and restoring a sense of community in Nanaimo.

“I feel like we’re really disconnected in a lot of ways. I would love to be the female version of Frank Ney because in my heart I know he had so much passion for the city and he had that balance of business savvy and community savvy.

Brown said one of his dreams would be to lead an effort to bring world-class entertainment and tourist attraction to Central Island, such as a water park.

She thinks it could be something all residents could be proud of and put Nanaimo more on the map as a place to go.

“Nanaimo is the landing city. We have two ferries that come in here, people land and a lot of them leave from Nanaimo, they go to Tofino, Campbell River, and so on. Yet here we have all those tourist dollars that we don’t capture in my mind.

Brown is currently a high school teacher in Parksville with School District 69, but lives in Nanaimo.

More information about Brown and its platform is available on his Facebook page.

As of press time, four candidates have announced their intention to run for mayor of Nanaimo in October.

Leonard Krog held a public event at the end of August, while NanaimoNewsNOW published an article on Brunie Brunie and will present Agnès Provost on Friday September 9, as well as any other declared candidate for mayor before election day.

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