Married at First Sight fans slam Stacia for fighting with Nate

Tonight on Married at first sight (Season 15, Episode 16), Stacia and Nate went to their last dinner before Decision Day. The couple wanted to have a good time together but started fighting again. Nate felt their relationship was still new and it was too early for him to be definitive about his feelings.

Stacia, however, said Nate had no burning desire for love towards her. She worried that their relationship would become loveless over time, much like Nate’s previous relationship. Nate was angry with Stacia for this comment and walked away after showing her his pledge tattoo.

Stacia felt their relationship lacked love, while Nate felt he had put a lot of effort into the marriage. Afterwards, Nate said he didn’t want to be stuck with Stacia for the rest of his life, and that statement triggered Stacia.

Married at first sight fans sensed that Nate was trying to communicate, but Stacia wasn’t absorbing it.

Married at first sight fans slam Stacia for putting pressure on Nate

Stacia and Nate then had a chat about their fight, where the former asked her husband to use the tools provided by the experts during their fights. He apologized to Stacia for fighting with her but accused her of not using positive reinforcements on him. Nate added that he would choose his happiness over his marriage anytime.

Married at first sight fans took to Twitter to slam Stacia as they felt she was having issues and Nate had grown a lot during the experience. They also sensed Stacia pushing Nate away.

Stacia’s daddy issues are going to have to be resolved for this marriage to work. Nate has his own demons to fight and his attachment and insecurities are too much to handle, especially for someone like him. She looks a little crazy right now. #MAFSandiego

Stacia gave me a headache and I’m not even in the same room! Let me have some wine to decompress this stupid argument #MAFSandiego

Congratulations Stacia – I have my doubts about Nate but he has grown and matured with each episode. You pushed and pushed and now you pushed him out the door. Bravo, you have just played yourself! #MAFS #MAFSSan Diego #MarriedAtFirstSight

Nate may not have a lot of relationship experience, but what he does have is communication! I’ll deal with it by just saying the word “love” after two months! That’s all you want at this point is to be an effective communicator #MAFSandiego

Although Nate isn’t afraid to express how he feels, but Stacia needs to stop treating him like a parent!! #MAFSSan Diego #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

Stacia wanted Nate to be vulnerable around her until he started being more direct about her feelings, insecurities, and triggers. She can’t get mad at that because that’s what she’s wanted him to do for a while.#MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #MAFSSan Diego

A summary of Married at first sight season 15 episode 15

Last week on Married at first sight, the cast returned from retirement. Krysten felt better about her relationship after witnessing Miguel and Lindy fight. Mitch left for a work conference and the couple hit the beach later. Mitch revealed that he took his ring off in the office because he didn’t want to answer any questions about his marriage to his co-workers.

Justin bought Mya home and introduced her to his friend Chris. Alexis supported Justin while bidding farewell to Mya. Justin hoped Alexis would understand his great sacrifice.

The episode description reads,

“With Decision Day just over a week away, anxiety is mounting for everyone; a couple discovers if absence really does make the heart grow fonder, while another struggles with a difficult goodbye .”

Miguel and Lindy huddled together and tried to resolve their fight. Lindy was eager to fix the problem and went to the gym with her husband as Miguel’s cheerleader. Miguel also surprised Lindy with an envelope containing his new medical insurance documents. She was happy with the documents but still wanted to feel safe, which she didn’t because of Miguel’s mood swings.

The two then met up with their friends and played Dungeons and Dragons. Lindy spoke to Miguel’s friend in private, which he took as a session complaining about her. The couple fought again at the end of the episode.

Married at first sight airs on Lifetime every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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