New York property inspection video shows how screwed up renting is in the Big Apple

Trying to buy a property just about anywhere in the world right now is extremely difficult as the prices are sky high. But trying to get a rental property is also difficult because the demand is huge. proven by recent footage from an open house for a newly rented apartment in New York (NYC).

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to find an apartment in New York? Check out the following pictures. Posted by Instagram account @whatisnewyork, the video shows a very long queue from the front door of an apartment, all the way down a flight of stairs, then cuts through hundreds of people gathered outside of the building also waiting to enter.

The post is captioned with, “These are lines to see vacant apartments in New York. With demand skyrocketing, some landlords accept the highest bidder. »

Considering how sushi is the most expensive it’s ever been in New York and the “pizza principle” is dead, it’s no surprise people can’t afford to buy apartments in the city that never sleeps and are instead forced to offer higher rent deals just to secure a place to live.

This line is really crazy…

Instagram users were outraged and saddened by this post and voiced it in the comments section. One user commented that it was “complete market manipulation” while another wrote,

“It’s sad, it’s the main reason my family has to move. I was born and raised in the Bronx and we can’t even afford it anymore.

Of course, some took a humorous view; for example, Instagram user @therealtiing commented, “Lmao is imagining a bidding war to live in a closet.” He’s not really wrong, as a Youtuber recently showed off the smallest apartment in New York that could honestly rival a closet.

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