Peaky Blinders and other movies and shows to watch on Netflix June 11-12, 2022

The summer solstice is just around the corner, and with temperatures rising across the country, there’s plenty to stream on Netflix this weekend to keep you cool and entertained. From the return of several fan-favorite TV series for new seasons to the last chance to watch some outgoing programs on the premium streaming service, there are quality movies and shows adding to Netflix’s vast library so that June 2022 is approaching its half. And CBR is here to bring you the perfect shows and movies to enjoy this weekend and beat the heat inside.

Here are all the biggest and best movies and TV shows available to stream on Netflix this weekend, from acclaimed British TV programming to poignant specials saying goodbye to a friend.

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Peaky Blinders outshines the competition

Whether Downton Abbey paints a worldly portrait of early 20th century British culture, Peaky Blinders serves as a bloody counterpoint. Following street gangs in the English city of Birmingham after World War I, the show blended real-world history with gripping crime drama during its run. The sixth and final season of the acclaimed series is now available to stream on Netflix, bringing audiences back for one final visceral look at the eponymous gang.

Starring Cillian Murphy as Peaky Blinders gang leader Tommy Shelby, season 6 sees his family deal with everything from the IRA to the growth of global fascism in the 1930s. further embroiled in developments on the world stage, no one in Tommy’s family is safe, including Tommy himself. With the acclaimed detective series now available to stream in its entirety, Peaky Blinders is one of the most compelling crime dramas currently on television.

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Top Gear is speeding up two more seasons

When it comes to auto shows, there’s no better program in the world than Top of the line, with the British series showcasing a range of different automobiles and putting them through racing challenges. With more than thirty seasons in all, Top of the line has been an enduring presence for car enthusiasts for years, and it’s found a new future on Netflix. Seasons 27 and 28 are now available to stream on the digital platform, with a new set of celebrity guests to try out a fleet of vehicles.

From rides through Borneo and Ethiopia to filmmaker Danny Boyle and rapper KSI having fun, Top of the line shows no signs of slowing down. Accessible and entertaining even for those who are not the most car addicted, the latest seasons of Top of the line are a perfect spotlight on the long-running show doing what they do best. Inspiring countless imitators, Top of the line remains the gold standard of automotive reality TV.

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David Letterman presents the next generation of comedy

Long before he was a famous and groundbreaking late-night talk show host, David Letterman was one of the world’s most successful comedians. The venerable TV personality is launching a new Netflix original series, after her acclaimed talk show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Starring David Lettermanwith the comedy series, It’s my time with David Letterman. And rather than bringing in established comedians like most talk show hosts, Letterman’s new program spotlights up-and-coming comedic talent.

Scheduled to last six episodes, It’s my time has Letterman introduce an aspiring stand-up comedian, give them a five-minute set to perform, and have a one-on-one chat with them afterwards. The premise helps propel new comedic voices into the public eye, the same way Letterman previously helped launch the career of comic books like Ray Romano while hosting Late show with David Letterman. While Netflix has had a controversial history with its stand-up comedy specials, It’s my time offers a chance for the next wave of comics to lead the charge.

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Dirty Daddy sends Bob Saget in style

One of the most shocking celebrity deaths in the past year was beloved actor and comedian Bob Saget, who died suddenly last January. Saget’s friends gathered to pay their respects to the late icon in the Netflix original special Dirty Daddy: the tribute to Bob Saget. Riffing on Saget’s legacy as the father of the popular sitcom Full housethe special features of many famous guests gather to celebrate Saget’s life and career.

From musicians including John Mayer and Jackson Browne, to fellow comedians Chris Rock and Michael Keaton, Saget’s tribute is a star-studded affair. However, as the title suggests, the special isn’t about to be a heavy-handed affair, but one that brings laughs and love to the comically deceased. For those seeking to empathize and reflect on Saget’s legacy with those who knew him best, dirty daddy is the perfect send-off.

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Criminal Minds solves the problem of a gripping crime drama

One of the most popular crime procedural series of the last decade is Criminal minds, which aired for fifteen seasons on CBS. Featuring an impressive ensemble cast, the show followed investigators from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit as they look into a variety of unsolved crimes. The first ten seasons will leave Netflix by the end of June, giving audiences just enough time to binge before leaving the streaming service for the foreseeable future.

Originally led by series stars Thomas Gibson and Mandy Patinkin, Criminal minds has consistently been a hit with audiences throughout its long television run. Bolstered by fan-favorite performances from co-stars Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler, the main series has spawned an entire spin-off franchise, a South Korean adaptation, and a planned revival series on Paramount+. For those looking to revisit Criminal mindsextremely successful first years, this month is the last chance to watch the show on Netflix.