Penz Automotive’s Spring Valley location to move to former Peterson Motors site – Reuters

SPRING VALLEY – The former site of a longtime retired Spring Valley auto dealership will soon have a new tenant.

Penz Automotive Group purchased the former Peterson Motors building at 1140 N. Broadway Ave. and rebuild the building into the new Spring Valley Chevrolet and Buick dealership.

Peterson Motors opened in Spring Valley in 1969 and closed in 2008. The company was founded in 1955 in Lanesboro by Gordy Peterson, who opened a Ford and Mercury dealership in town.

The building has since been owned by Grafe Auction Company, based in Stewartville. Penz Automotive has been working for a year to purchase the 4-acre site provided by the former dealer to increase the size of its land in Spring Valley from 50 parking spaces to 200-250 parking spaces.

“It’s right at the entrance to town and it’s in a good location,” said Todd Penz, co-owner of Penz Automotive. “It’s going to be, I would say, double or triple the amount of space we have right now.”

Wes Peterson, son of Peterson Motors founder Gordy, said he was happy to see the site return to its car dealership roots.

“It’s going to be sad to see the building go, but I’m glad Penz Automotive Group is investing in Spring Valley,” Wes Peterson said. “Gordy might be rolling in his grave now that a Chevrolet ‘Bow-Tie’ is on his former property, but he would be proud to see our community keep moving forward.

The new Spring Valley Chevrolet Buick location on Wednesday August 31, 2022 in Spring Valley.

Traci Westcott / Post Bulletin

Even though the old Ford dealership has become the new home of the rival Chevy dealership. Continued engine sales in Spring Valley will keep many residents of the town and surrounding rural area from driving any further to find a brand new vehicle.

“Chevrolet has been a part of the Spring Valley community for over 40 years. And to build a new building in this community, people are thrilled,” Penz said. “It’s good for Spring Valley and it’s also good for Fillmore County because we’re the only new car franchise in Fillmore County.”

Demolition of the former Peterson Motors building is expected to take place during the month of September. Penz Auto Group expects the construction of the new building to be completed by late spring or early summer 2023. Benike Construction will partner with Penz Auto for the construction of the new car dealership building and land.