Pillion shows bike stunts on Bajaj Pulsar, Falls!

The compulsive desire to impress girls in young boys often leads them to attempt silly stunts and this might happen as a result.

In a hilarious internet video, a man is seen straddling a passenger trying to stand on a Bajaj Pulsar in front of female students but falling into the road. We bet you must have seen many iterations of this. Young boys often have this inherent tendency to perform insane stunts in an effort to impress girls. However, more often than not, the consequences are terrible. It can’t be a surprise that the boy got hurt considering the type of stunt he was aiming for. Here are the details of this stupid act.

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Pillion falls from the Bajaj Pulsar

The viral video was uploaded by Trend Talks on YouTube. In the music video, two men are seen riding a Bajaj Pulsar and driving through what looks like a bus stop where female students are waiting for the bus. The pilot wears the helmet while the passenger does not. In addition, the latter plans to present stunts to attract the attention of girls. So, he decides to stand in the passenger seat of a moving bicycle and spread his arms wide in the iconic posture of Shah Rukh Khan.

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However, as soon as he gets up on the Bajaj Pulsar and is ready to open his arms, the wind gets stronger as the bike is rolling at a considerable speed. As a result, he is pushed backwards and ends up falling in the middle of the road. The video is cut right there and we do not see the rest of this crazy act. Also, we don’t know how many injuries he suffered. Either way, it was a terrible fall and without any protective gear it could easily be fatal.

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What is even more dangerous is that this reckless act was committed on a busy public road. Therefore, it could easily have been run over by a car or other vehicle moving behind the bike. Therefore, we cannot begin to explain how stupid this act is. We have to try to follow all the traffic rules and also watch out for those goons on the road. They can create problems for you even if you are not at fault. Stay safe and do not do such acts. Also be sure to report to the authorities those miscreants who compromise our road safety.

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Man falls off bike doing stunts to impress girls

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