PointeOne Consulting Launches Electronic Procurement System at FFBL Power Company Limited (FPCL) – Sponsored

FPCL is a forward-looking organization with a leadership whose vision is to automate, integrate and optimize to achieve efficiency.

FFBL Power Company Limited (FPCL) has a unique position in the power industry of Pakistan, where the complete project management, execution and successful completion of the project has been carried out entirely by its own team of engineers and professionals, and not through an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Company (EPC).

FPCL is a forward-looking organization with a management whose vision is to automate, integrate and optimize to achieve efficiency, cost reduction and above all transparency in all its processes.

The establishment of an electronic procurement system (e-procurement) is part of this vision. As a result, the FPCL team and PointeOne (implementing partner) developed a highly customized e-procurement solution based on an open source platform. The main features of the e-procurement system are:

  • Online registration of suppliers with evaluation of their performance
  • Complete and seamless integration with existing platforms Submission of online offers by online suppliers
  • Invoicing by suppliers full access to the e-procurement platform from smartphones
  • Management visibility and better decision-making through the availability of real-time analytical reports
  • The e-procurement system has been successfully deployed.

The launch was announced at a special ceremony held at FPCL Head Office on July 28, 2022, where Mr. Arif Ur Rehman, CEO & MD FFBL & FPCL was the Chief Guest of Honour. The celebration was attended by the COO and senior management of the company as well as Mr. Tehami Latif, Managing Director of PointOne and other team members.

Both FPCL and PointeOne are confident that the e-procurement system developed is a highly efficient and user-friendly system with additional customization flexibility to meet individual organizations requirements.

As a result, there is a great potential for selling the developed system in the local market. In this regard, on the occasion, FPCL and PointeOne also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the joint marketing of the e-procurement system.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Tehami Latif, Managing Director PointeOne Consulting, appreciated the innovative approach taken by the FPCL team in implementing the solution. This approach leveraged the supply chain skills of the FPCL team and PointeOne Consulting’s experience in aligning technology with business needs.

The result of this collaboration is a platform that will significantly improve FPCL’s supply chain and allow FPCL suppliers to easily access information through an online portal for rapid execution. In the end, he thanked and appreciated both teams for their efforts to make this vision a reality.

Sharing his view, Mr. Arif Ur Rehman, CEO & MD FFBL & FPCL, highlighted the importance of digitalization and automation in the current era. He added that by implementing the e-procurement system, FPCL will have a more efficient integrated process and that there is also great potential for the implementation of the system in Fauji Group companies and on the local market as well. He congratulated both teams for reaching the milestone.

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