Preschoolers will start the year on time while other SA kids wait in the COVID-safe plan

The South Australian government has reflects the path taken by Queensland and delayed the start of the 2022 school year by two weeks in an effort to ensure children miss as few face-to-face learning days as possible, while ensuring the state remains aware of the outbreak. world of Omicron.

Preschoolers, however, will start the year on time, considered a key level of the year with reception, first grade, seventh grade, eighth grade and 12th grade returning to the face-to-face learning on Wednesday, February 2.

The other year levels will start their school year learning from home from Wednesday February 2 and should be back in class on Monday February 14.

Teachers, including early childhood teachers working in preschools, have been allocated January 31 and February 1 as additional preparation days to be informed and ready for online instruction.

The children of essential workers, and children considered vulnerable, will be able to return to school from January 31 for two days of supervision and then face-to-face learning from February 2.

Premier Steven Marshall said that while the first term of 2022 will be very different from what parents and students are used to, the government has put students first in this back-to-school plan.

“While we understand that there will be disruption at the start of 2022 and that it is going to be difficult for many families, we have put our children first with the plan for this school – they learn best face to face and that’s what we’ve worked hard to achieve,” Premier Steven Marshall said.

“This back-to-school plan is fully supported by our state’s health and education experts, and I’m confident it’s the right way forward,” he added.

Parents will be contacted directly by their preschool and schools over the coming week with all the information they need before February 2.

The Ministry of Education website will also soon have all the answers to questions that parents, teachers and the general public will ask about the start of the 2022 school year.