Princess Diana: Inside Royal’s £922,000 childhood mansion – ‘the happiest time of her life’

Although not a royal at birth, Princess Diana had a very royal upbringing in a stately home, located on a 550-acre estate called Althorp House. How was it inside? Diana, Princess of Wales grew up at Althorp House in Northamptonshire, which was the aristocratic home of the Spencer family, very close to Sandringham House.

A former Althorp cook, Betty Andrews, told the BBC in 1997: “Looking back, that was probably her happiest moment. [Diana’s] life.”

How is it inside?

The south parlor was where the family received guests.

On the official Althorpe House Instagram page, royal fans can see portraits on the walls.

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There’s a photo of Lady Georgina Spencer as a child, better known as the Duchess of Devonshire portrayed by Kiera Knightly in the movie ‘The Duchess’.

King William’s bedroom, decorated in blues and yellows, was said to have been Diana’s favorite place to sleep when she returned to visit Althorp after her wedding.

Having inherited Althorp House, her brother, Lord Charles Spencer, now resides there with his family.

Charles Spencer often shares glimpses inside Althorp on social media to delight royal fans.


He posted about the library on his Instagram account, calling it his favorite room in the house.

It featured wooden floors with three large rugs, cream walls with shelves of books, and red armchairs and sofas. There were also several chandeliers.

A photo of Earl Charles Spencer in the library in 1990 revealed a photo of Princess Diana on his desk.

There was a grand hallway at the entrance to Althorp House with a grand staircase, wooden railings and chandeliers and gold paintings on the walls.

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The grand stately home belonged to Diana’s family for more than five centuries, as 20 generations have lived there.

Its aristocratic lineage even goes back to George Washington.

Diana’s ancestor Sir John Spencer, who herded sheep in the village, bought the land in 1508 and built Althorp House using funds from his sheep-farming business.

The sale was estimated at around £800 at the time, or around £922,000 in today’s money.

The 90-room house covers 550 acres.