Princeton City Council votes to keep water system

Princeton City Council voted to stay with its own water system after a public hearing on July 11e concerning its connection to the water network.

City Clerk Cory Willett reports the hearing had to decide whether to connect to Rathbun Lake or continue with improvements to the Princeton facility and produce and distribute its own water. The council plans to apply for funds from the American Rescue Plan Act and use the funding to carry out the project.

Grundy County Lumber’s bid was accepted for lumber to build concession stands at baseball diamonds. The offer was $86,513.95.

Willett notes that the council initially accepted an offer from Girdner Lumber, although the offer was higher, to support a local business. This bid was $90,821.13. However, the Department of Natural Resources did not accept Girdner Lumber’s bid because it was higher.

Bids on ball diamond fencing will be accepted until July 27e.

The council voted to invest $500,000 in the ball diamonds for lighting and part of the closing costs. It is with the commitment of the Princeton school to rent the fields to cover the cost.

A new computer system, server and security system has been approved by Jared Andrews for $10,954.70.

Eleven service contracts have been approved for Calamity Jane Days. They totaled $11,850.

Ray Morley made an offer on the property at 419 Casteel Street. The offer was not accepted at this time. The council wants to talk to the county clerk about back taxes on the property.

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