Prison heating system at a glance

Sheriff Bill Martin shows how all the cells can be seen from the control room in direct line of sight to the jail in this April 2018 photo, before the jail was completed.

The Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center has had problems with its heating and air conditioning system since late summer, according to Sheriff Bill Martin.

“The systems weren’t going from cold to hot and from hot to cold,” he said. The prison was built in 2017-2018.

There are currently 58 detainees, he said.

Martin said the failure of the system to work properly was due to the design of the units.

The Bourbon County commission opened and reviewed bids for the system repair at its Jan. 4, 2022, meeting, Martin said.

“The Stewards have approved Plumbling/AC de French, to move forward with the correction of the issues with the HVAC system,” he said.

Repeated calls to French’s Plumbing for an update on the works went unanswered.

The detainees were given extra blanket to help them until the issue could be resolved.

“When a person is processed or booked into the correctional facility, they are given a sheet and a blanket,” Martin said. “Since the problems with the HVAC system, they are now offered a second cover.”