Publican Awards 2022 Best Managed Advertising Business 2 to 50 Arc Inspirations Sites

The company adapted, remained flexible and opened locations amid myriad headwinds as restrictions eased.

While Arc has been operating for over two decades and now has three brands (Manahatta, Box and Banyan), its cluster model means it hits a variety of demographics.

Financial package

A £14m refinancing package, including a separate £5m facility to help the group expand its site count earlier this year (January), followed Arc’s two flagship site openings – Manahatta in Birmingham and Box in Deansgate, Manchester.

The company, which currently has 18 locations, has a philosophy of being a high-performing, commercially successful group of bars, which lives to inspire its teams to offer customers the best food and drink and create memorable experiences for them in places for all occasions.

After being a runner-up in this category, Arc impressed the judges this year with its dedication to staying innovative and flexible when times got really tough.

Celebrating the success of team members happens on many levels and the company aims to promote from within, with the goal of generating engagement and loyalty.

Future plans

The customer experience is under constant review and the company is always looking at how it can be improved with attention to detail as well as refinement of the product and marketing mix in venues and through technological innovation.

It invested in a dedicated booking system to help keep attendance high last year, proving to be a key part of Arc’s post-pandemic business success where it reported results for the year to March 31 , showing an increase of nearly half (42%) in sales from July to November compared to 2019 figures.

With plans to open additional sites in the coming months and expectations of a record year for sales and profits, the future looks bright for this dynamic and exciting company.