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Marietta, Georgia –

Full real estate team, a Marietta, GA-based real estate company, recently published a blog post that strongly underscores how now is the time for aspiring homeowners to buy the property they want. They have identified a key opportunity for homebuyers, and this opportunity will likely not be available for long as mortgage rates are about to rise (which will increase monthly payments). Their blog post aims to educate homebuyers about the opportunity in front of them and explain what they can do to take advantage of it before it’s too late.

The housing market has been very difficult for people to navigate over the past few years. As the Complete Realty Team blog puts it, “There’s no denying that the housing market has posed a fair share of challenges for homebuyers over the past couple of years. Two of the biggest hurdles homebuyers faced during the pandemic were the limited number of homes for sale and the intensity and frequency of bidding wars. But these two things have reached a turning point. As you may have heard, the number of homes for sale has increased this year, and even more so this spring.

Homeowners looking to sell have benefited from rising prices and rapid sales of late, prompting more people to sell their homes this year than last, giving those looking to buy a plus wide range of options. More homes on the market means more choices, which means buyers are more likely to find a home that has everything they’re looking for. This increase in the number of homes available for purchase can also be attributed to the fact that buyer demand has moderated due to rising mortgage rates and other factors.

The Complete Realty Team blog post quotes Mark Fleming, First American’s Chief Economist, as saying, “There’s been some recovery in inventory that we’ve seen recently, but it’s not because of a sharp increase in new registrations but rather a slowdown in the pace of sales. And remember, monthly supply measures sales inventory against the pace of sales. Same inventory, fewer sales, means more months of supply.

The market has essentially moved away from the frenzied competition between buyers that has been seen during the pandemic (which has helped inventory growth). The combination of an increase in the number of homes available for purchase and a slowdown in sales means that homebuyers are free to take their time choosing the perfect property. This is good news, especially for those who have struggled to find accommodation so far. However, this is unlikely to last very long, and the blog post advises buyers to be decisive and act quickly.

Many have been scared off bidding on homes after being outbid in the past, but now it’s quite possible that the slowed buying process and the large number of available homes will provide room for those who might not be in able to compete in a more intense market.

“It’s not that it will be easy or that bidding wars are a thing of the past – it isn’t,” the blog post reads. “But it won’t seem so impossible. As the housing market begins its return to pre-pandemic levels, you may have a unique opportunity ahead of you. With moderate levels of buyer competition and more homes actively for sale, your home search may have become a little less difficult. Let’s log in to start the process today.

Complete Realty Team, as the name suggests, is a team of highly trained real estate specialists. Led by Ken Mandich, the team advises and assists aspiring owners through every step of the buying process and helps current owners sell their properties at great prices. Mandich himself has followed market trends and is well versed in the real estate industry, making him a reliable source of information on how to buy and sell homes.

For more buyers information, sellers and almost any other aspect of the Marietta real estate market, contact Ken Mandich and the rest of Complete Realty Team through their website. Interested parties can also contact the team by phone, email or via social media.


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