Rly Adopts Electronic Auction System, Makes Business Easier for Everyone | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Known for its cumbersome bidding process, dealing with the railways, which offer over 650 assets/services, has never been an easy affair.
However, months after the introduction of the electronic auction system on a pilot basis, exploring opportunities such as managing its parking space, its parcel services or its advertising services, with the railways has become a business so simple that anyone can become its business partner.
“The tedious bidding process, endless paperwork, complicated rules and months of waiting are no longer a thing. Building on the success of the pilot electronic auction system, the Lucknow Division of the Northern Railway along with the rest of the other divisions have launched an electronic auction system which allows anyone to become an entrepreneur and grow their business with the railways iron,” said Rahul, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Freight, Lucknow Division.
Speaking to YOU, Rahul said, “We have removed all redundant formalities and now someone with no experience in railway business can also become our partner.”
“To participate in the e-auction, one has to register with a fee of only Rs 10,000 (plus GST) in the e-auction module by visiting www.IREPS.gov.in.
They must have an SBI current account which will be linked to the e-auction module. Once the basic formalities have been completed, the contractor can bid for railway parking, the rental of SLR (parcel service), pay and use the toilet service on the platform, advertising, etc. “, did he declare.
talk to you, Ramashish Yadav (40 years old), who recently obtained Lucknow-Chandigarh express SLR on hire for parcel service for two years through electronic auctions said: “Since everything is online and transparent, there is no chance of being harassed or asked to pay bribes -wine.”