Robbie Dunne Has More Time to Appeal BHA’s 18-Month Ban for Bullying and Harassment of Bryony Frost | Race News

Robbie Dunne has been given extra time to appeal the 18-month ban imposed on him by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) for intimidating and harassing fellow jockey Bryony Frost.

The BHA found that Dunne had violated four charges of conduct prejudicial to the integrity, good conduct and good reputation of racing, including bullying and harassment of Frost between February 13, 2020 and September 3, 2020 .

Dunne initially had until January 12 to appeal the decision, but on Monday the BHA announced it had agreed to extend the appeal until January 20.

The majority of the incidents in question took place in 2020, when Dunne was recognized by the panel for threatening Frost by promising to “pass her through a wing (of a fence)” and he was also accused of having used misogynistic language such as “f ****** w *** e”, “f ****** s ** t” and “dangerous c ***” towards her.

BHA ruled coworker Robbie Dunne bullied and harassed Bryony Frost over seven months in 2020

The BHA issued its written reasons for the duration of the ban and the guilty verdict on January 6, stating that: “A financial penalty was wholly insufficient to do justice to this case. Suspension of the license was inevitable.

“The facts proved were consecutive, unfolded over six months, as the weather worsened in wickedness, and therefore the words and deeds achieved the more and more frightening effect on the victim. Mr. Dunne intended to do.

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Sunday Times chief sports writer David Walsh explains how he came into possession of a detailed report on the Bryony Frost and Robbie Dunne bullying case ahead of a formal hearing, which has found Dunne guilty.

“As well as breaking the rules cited, such behavior on the part of someone who presented himself as one of the oldest in the sport, setting standards and allegedly offering wise advice to young jockeys was disingenuous. “

“The correct approach was to set a cumulative period and impose it simultaneously for each offense.”