Russian Missiles: Humiliation as Weapon Malfunctions and Hits OWN Launch Site | World | New

A shocking video clip showed a Russian missile launched into the sky, when an apparent malfunction caused the rocket to abruptly change direction and return to hit the site from where it had been launched moments before.

The images, filmed in the middle of the night, already show three more trails of smoke leading up into the black sky, suggesting that the failed missile was not the first launched in this attack by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

When the missile hits the ground, a huge explosion rips through the area, sparks fly from the launch site, and thick clouds of smoke billow into the night.

The sound of the explosion can be heard echoing over the audio captured in the clip, and as the sparks subside, other alarms can be heard in the distance, triggered by the explosion.

The clip of the failed Kremlin missile launch appeared on the Telegram messaging platform, which has been a frequent source of heartbreaking videos from the frontline of the conflict in Ukraine.

The account that posted the footage, the Face of War channel, provided a brief caption claiming the missile was part of a Russian attack launched from a town of Luhansk in the Donbass region.

The caption read: “Unsuccessful launch of an anti-aircraft missile by an RF Armed Forces air defense missile system near the city of Alchevsk, LPR.”

RF is understood as an abbreviation for the Russian Federation and LPR refers to the Luhansk People’s Republic, a Russian puppet state formed by Putin supporters in 2014 that has declared itself independent from Ukraine.

The city of Alchevsk is located just south of Severodonetsk, a central Russian target in the occupation of the Donbass region.

Severodonetsk was fiercely defended by Ukrainian military forces who acted to destroy possible routes to the city and prevent Russian occupation.

Moscow has refocused Russian military efforts on the Donbass region, located along the Ukrainian-Russian border, after failing to capture the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

Vladimir Putin’s army has continued to make steady gains in the Donbass region, although intelligence reports suggest “Ukraine is likely reconfiguring its defense of the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk sector” to counter the strategy Russian.

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