Stunning video game-style footage shows a Ukrainian drone dropping a bomb on a Russian tank setting off a massive fireball

DRAMATIC footage captures the moment a Ukrainian drone drops a bomb on a Russian tank, setting off a massive fireball.

The video, believed to have been filmed in the Mykolaiv region of southern Ukraine, shows in crystal clear quality the improvised explosive landing directly on a Russian T-72 tank.


Drone footage shows the moment a Ukrainian drone drops a bomb on a Russian tankCredit: Twitter/@UAWeapons
The T-72 tank had been hidden under the cover of trees


The T-72 tank had been hidden under the cover of treesCredit: Twitter/@UAWeapons
The bomb explodes into a huge ball of fire


The bomb explodes into a huge ball of fireCredit: Twitter/@UAWeapons

In the brief clip, which was shared on Twitter, the drone camera pans over a wooded area to where the Russian tank was hidden by forest cover.

The drone passes directly over the tank while the operator checks the angles, before dropping an improvised munition containing a 1.5 kg explosive payload.

It lands directly on the tank’s engine area, triggering a huge explosion and knocking the tank out of action.

The drone’s camera then zooms in to examine the damage to the T-72, each costing around $1million (£890,000) when new.

Incredible moment A Ukrainian helicopter
Putin once tried to detonate a nuclear bomb but was

It is not known if there were Russian soldiers inside the tank at the time.

The video comes as fighting continues in southern and eastern Ukraine, with President Zelensky’s forces struggling to retake more of the territory claimed by Russia.

Vlad’s troops were forced to withdraw hastily from parts of Kherson Oblast, which was only welcomed into Russia last month along with three other Ukrainian territories following sham referendums organized by the thugs of Cheese fries.

Kyiv accuses Moscow of forcibly deporting Ukrainians to Russia as it withdraws, which the Kremlin has denied.

Meanwhile, more Russian missiles have been dropped on Zaporizhzhia in southern Ukraine, sparking fresh fears of damage to Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant.

President Zelensky this week accused Russian forces of laying mines on a major hydroelectric dam in Kherson, seeking to destroy it and trigger a “large-scale disaster”.

He also said attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, including power plants, are aimed at creating a new wave of refugees to further destabilize Europe.

Russia says it has recruited at least 260,000 people so far, 40,000 less than the target set by the Russian parliament, the Duma.

However, the mobilization drew fury from many in Russia, leading to claims that it was halted early in some parts of the country.

Reports indicate that Putin’s army is enlisting the names of the dead, disabled and children in an effort to artificially inflate its conscription figures.

The drone was carrying a 1.5 kg improvised explosive which landed directly on the tank


The drone was carrying a 1.5 kg improvised explosive which landed directly on the tankCredit: Twitter/@UAWeapons
The aftermath of the explosion that destroyed the Russian tank


The aftermath of the explosion that destroyed the Russian tankCredit: Twitter/@UAWeapons

Putin’s secret conscript police threatened to break down the dead man’s door in a bid to round up the conscripts, his family told the Mediazona news site.

Her niece said, “They promised to destroy the gate, so we opened.”

While Oleg Vasiliev, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and is unable to walk, was stunned when he was ordered to the nearest enlistment office.

Others called include a foreign woman who obtained Russian citizenship just two years ago, a 63-year-old pensioner and a 16-year-old transplant patient.

It comes as Putin made a rare public appearance this week, firing a sniper rifle at a training camp for mobilized Russians.

The Russian president, who recently turned 70, wore goggles as he tested the rifle at a training ground in the Ryazan region, about 100 miles southeast of the capital Moscow.

He was lying under a net while firing several shots at a target about 300 yards away.

No footage was released showing whether or not the myopic tyrant hit any of the targets, and there was no explanation for the visit.

And a chilling nuclear war simulator has revealed how a Russian nuclear strike could spark global conflict, killing 35 million people in just hours.

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