Swedish road safety system | Motorways of the world

New road safety technology has been developed in Sweden which will help reduce the risks caused by animal incursions on the roadway. The problem is particularly acute in northern Sweden, where reindeer frequently roam remote rural roads. Collisions between vehicles and large animals like reindeer can be extremely dangerous and are not uncommon in Sweden and its neighbors Finland and Norway.

In order to tackle the problem, the Swedish Transport Authority (Trafikverket) has developed a new system to prevent reindeer from entering the roads. The system can also be used to prevent animals from wandering on train tracks. A pilot is currently being launched to test the technology.

The system was developed jointly with Umeå University, the mining company Boliden (which has a number of operations in the north of the country) and the village of Grans Sameby Sami.

Although the system was developed primarily to reduce the risk of collisions with reindeer, the technology would also be effective against other wildlife. The key to the system is the use of sensors that detect heat and motion and trigger sounds that scare animals away. The technology is also said to be simple and easy to maintain.