The design of the flagship initiative adds additional complexity to the funding system and reinforces inequalities, writes a local government researcher. In November, Michael Gove signaled his support for “simplifying and streamlining” tenders, instructing minister Neil O’Brien to review the agenda. Jack Shaw, local government researcher In committing to layingRead More →

Plans have been submitted for a brand new community-owned solar farm in Plymouth, which could power almost 4,000 homes a year. After launching the scheme this summer and undertaking extensive community consultation, Plymouth City Council and local charity Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) have submitted a joint planning application to developRead More →

Lancaster’s theatres, entertainment venues, restaurants and hospitality businesses need a parking system that encourages, not deters, visitors, said a leading adviser. A proposed new, simpler fare system has raised concerns that patrons of theaters and restaurants will be deterred, just as theatres, arts venues and restaurants are recovering from theRead More →

newsletters, editors’ selection list, Training to Save Lives Vigilance and Service, the honored tradition of surfer rescue, spoke well on Saturday afternoon at Flynns Beach, as many young men prepared for their homework before earning the medallions of bronze, which signify their ability to act if necessary to save livesRead More →

BUCKEYE – Buckeye Police Department is switching to a new electronic traffic citation system. A grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will help achieve this. This grant was accepted as one of the actions taken by Buckeye City Council at Tuesday’s meeting. Buckeye Police are transitioning from theRead More →