The design of the flagship initiative adds additional complexity to the funding system and reinforces inequalities, writes a local government researcher. In November, Michael Gove signaled his support for “simplifying and streamlining” tenders, instructing minister Neil O’Brien to review the agenda. Jack Shaw, local government researcher In committing to layingRead More →

Dangal Girl Zaira Wasim, who bid farewell to the Bollywood industry a long time ago, spoke about the current hijab issue that took place in Karnataka. The former actress took to her social media and shared a lengthy post criticizing the hijab ban in schools in Karnataka, calling it anRead More →

His research also took him to the Netherlands, where he found photographs, documents and books of Dutch colonial officials and scientists referring not only to games that still exist today, but to those that had been forgotten. He also traveled to the Vatican to study documents kept by Catholic priestsRead More →