Texas removes LGBTQ youth suicide prevention resources from Department of Health site

Texas lawmakers and agencies certainly make it easy to see who is on the right side of history.

Authorities in Texas continue to find new ways to harm LGBTQ youth. the Eagle-eyed Jo Yurcaba at NBC News (who I used to work with at Bustle) found that the state Department of Health’s website was quietly removing LGBTQ suicide prevention resources from its website. Instead of listing the Trevor Project phone number, website, and text line, as he did at the beginning of February, the website no longer contains links for LGBTQ youth. Instead, information about the Trevor project can only be found in a PDF file for “Parent and Youth Suicide Prevention” but does not include any information about the Trevor Project. Earlier language on the Department of Health’s site stated that the nonprofit “is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, homosexuals and questioning young people under 25”.

When contacted by Yurcaba, The Trevor Project’s director of advocacy and government affairs, Sam Ames, condemned the Texas Department of Health’s decision to remove The Trevor Project from its list of suicide prevention resources on its suicide prevention page. “[Removing the resource] because they’re specific to LGBTQ youth, it’s not only offensive and wrong, it’s dangerous,” Ames said. This isn’t the first time LGBTQ resources have been removed from Texas state government websites. According to NBC Newsan LGBTQ youth resource portal has been removed from Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website in August. Officials say the webpage is under review, but has not yet been brought back online.