The airport’s new fuel system is operational | News

Installed by Kirkham Michael, a new fuel system at David City Municipal Airport is ready to go.

“They’ve sold gas a few times,” city administrator Clayton Keller said at a David city council meeting on Dec. 8.

The cost of the new fuel system – which will not exceed $ 308,000 – was covered 100% by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding, distributed by the Department of Transportation. of Nebraska (NDOT).

“The FAA gives the city $ 150,000 a year for airport upgrades. We can save that money for four years and get $ 150,000 every year until we hit $ 600,000. We can spend it. the money as we get it or we can wait, “Keller told Banner-Press. “In this case, we are using around $ 300,000 for the fuel system.”

Normally, PAI funds can be used to cover 90% of the cost of a project, while the city should cover the remaining 10%. But, a federal COVID-19 stimulus package increased that contribution to 100% for airport projects already in the FAA’s funding pipeline.

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Only projects that had been the subject of an offer and were ready to launch before May 3, 2021 were eligible for 100% coverage. Fortunately, the one in David City was one of them.

The new system eases the burden on David City Street Department employees and even members of the Butler County Sheriff’s Department, who previously had to go to the airport to facilitate transactions whenever someone wanted to check in. full. This is no longer necessary, since the new fuel system includes a credit card reader.

“They expected to finish within a month of starting, but there were delays,” Keller said.

The city hopes the new, more automated process will make the David City Municipal Airport a more attractive stopover for private planes. In June 2020, Chris Kroesing of David City Airport, Recycling, and Street Department predicted that a new fuel system would also be drive more traffic and more income from fuel sales and maybe even shed rentals.

The new system is equipped to power small airplanes.

“It’s called aviation gas, or AVGAS, at 100 low lead (LL),” Keller said. “We used to have 100LL and Jet A fuel, but with the new fuel system we are only doing 100LL.”

The new fuel system was installed between June and November.

“The fuel system is up and running and we’ve trained our guys on how it works and (City Clerk Tami Comte) and I know how to run the computer,” Keller said Dec. 8.

With Keller leaving town at the end of the year, the plan shared at the December 8 meeting is to train Deputy Clerk Lori Matchett on the fuel system as well.

“(That way) there is a secondary safeguard when Tami is not in the office,” Mayor Alan Zavodny said at the meeting.

Molly Hunter is a reporter for The Banner-Press. Contact her by email at [email protected]