The best shows and movies to watch this week: Tokyo Vice, Severance season 1 finale

Now that you’ve done the Netflix auction and cleared your mind for eight hours of The ultimatum: get married or move on, shake off that hypnosis and get ready to use your brain – or maybe split your consciousness in half. One of TV Guide’s favorite new shows of the year, the sleeper hit Apple TV+ Breakup, ends its first season on Friday (and yes, it is officially renewed for season 2). This is not to be missed. You can warm up for Breakup discovering the new series Deputy Tokyo, which marks director Michael Mann’s return to television. It was released today on HBO Max. And stay for the series finale of Kill Eve Sunday on BBC America. Already the series finale! Years have passed since we first met Villanelle where they really dragged on. Maybe both.

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Rinko Kikuchi, Deputy Tokyo

Eros Hoagland/HBO Max

Deputy Tokyo

Thursday, April 7 on HBO Max
For some of us, the most exciting thing about Deputy Tokyo is that it marks the great Michael Mann’s (miami vice, Heat) are returning to television for the first time in over a decade. This crime drama series, directed by Mann, is based on the memoirs of American journalist Jake Adelstein, set during his years covering the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for one of Japan’s largest newspapers and documenting the network of corruption that runs just below the surface. Adelstein is played by Ansel Elgort, and he is joined by Rinko Kikuchi, Ken Watanabe and Rachel Keller. –Allison Picurro [Trailer]


John Turturro, severance pay

John Turturro, Breakup



Season 1 finale Friday, April 8 on Apple TV+
The Best Show You’re Not Watching ends its first season with a finale so tense you’ll have to walk around afterwards to calm down. Breakup might seem like a limited series thanks to the level of talent involved, but it isn’t, and the finale ends in a place that will have you wanting to start season 2 right away. The episode is about the “Innies” who are physically and mentally sequestered inside Lumon Industries to find out who their “Outies” really are. If you haven’t watched, I can’t recommend this one enough. -Liam Mathews

Thandiwe Newton and Chris Pine, all old knives

Thandiwe Newton and Chris Pine, All the old knives

Stefania Rosini/Amazon Studios

All the old knives

Friday, April 8 on Amazon Prime Video
All the old knives sounds like a Knives out sequel set in a retirement home (it’s a gratuitous idea for Rian Johnson), but it’s actually a thriller starring Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton as spies who are also former lovers. I have no complaints about this concept. Based on the novel of the same name by Olen Steinhauer, who wrote the screenplay for the film, the film follows Pine’s Henry Pelham as his investigation of a CIA mole becomes entangled in his history with Newton’s Celia. Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce also play. Pine promoted this one in a series of outfits to die for. –Kelly Connolly [Trailer]

Lamorne Morris, Awakened

Lamorne Morris, Wake up

Mark Hill/Hulu

Wake up

Season 2 premieres Friday, April 8 on Hulu
Lamorne Morris returns as artist-activist Keef in Season 2 of Hulu’s original comedy and learns that fame (or at least several thousand followers) comes not with great responsibility, but with great annoyance. The series on the set of San Francisco still features Keef talking to animated inanimate objects, as well as stars Workaholic‘ Blake Anderson, T. Murph and Sasheer Zamata. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

Jodie ComerKilling Eve

Jodie Comer, Kill Eve

Anika Molnar/BBCA

Kill Eve

The series finale airs Sunday, April 10 at 8/7c on BBC America and AMC+
After a turbulent third season, Kill Eve came back into shape in its last hurray, and now the game of lesbian cat-and-mouse is over for good. Season 4 revolved around Eve’s (Sandra Oh) quest to eliminate the 12 once and for all, and Villanelle’s (Jodie Comer) fruitless search for absolution from her many murderous sins. Their paths have become more dangerous over the episodes, and it remains to be seen if they will both make it out of the season alive. Even less certain is if there’s any chance the show will perform an incredible act of fan service and let these two crazy kids run off into the sunset together. Either way, it’s sure to be a wild ride until the end. –Allison Picurro

Courtney B. Vance and Tosin Cole, 61st Street

Courtney B. Vance and Tosin Cole, 61st street

George Burns/AMC

61st street

The series debuts Sunday at 10/9c on AMC, AMC+ and ALLBLK
Courtney B. Vance plays a great lawyer. If I ever get busted, I’ll call him, and you’ll see why in AMC’s new legal drama 61st street. When promising young black athlete Moses Johnson (Tosin Cole) faces an arrest warrant on suspicion of being a gang member after a drug bust goes awry and a cop is killed, he goes on the run with the entire Chicago police after him. Enter Vance’s Franklin Roberts, an uncompromising public defender committed to bringing the kid to innocence and exposing Chicago’s corrupt and racist PD for what he is. Vance is hell at it, and he has the perfect adversary in Holt McCallany, who plays the mean cop who will do anything to pin a cop’s murder on a young black kid, whether he’s responsible or not. It’s heavy drama accentuated by incredible acting. For the impatient, AMC+ and ALLBLK are getting episodes a week early. –Tim Surette [Trailer]

Barack Obama, Our Great National Parks

barack obama, Our major national parks


Our major national parks

Wednesday April 13 on Netflix
Barack Obama produces and narrates these docuseries about the nature of the creators of Blue Planet II, taking viewers on a tour of national parks around the world, including countries of personal significance to him, Indonesia and Kenya. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a former president talk about being lazy, this is for you. It would be great if he opened his narration by saying, “Let’s be clear, I love parks.” –Liam Mathews [Trailer]


Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, The Ultimatum

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey The ultimatum

Ilana Panich – Linsman/Netflix

The ultimatum: get married or move on

Episodes 1-8 air Wednesday, April 6 on Netflix (followed by a finale and reunion on April 13)
Netflix’s quest to experiment on every couple in America continues with The ultimatum, a new show about couples who aren’t on the same page about marriage. One half of each couple is ready to wed, while the other is still on the fence, and they deal with that imbalance the only way that makes sense: by signing up for a reality TV series presided over by the hosts. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey where they match up with new couples and test married life to decide if they want to commit to their original partner. Sure why not? It’s Netflix’s “can’t look away” sweet spot. –Kelly Connolly [Trailer]

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